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How Apple made me eat my words so many times lately


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So first thing to get out of the way: I am a Windows rather than a Mac user. Always have been (for 22 years now) and always will be I am sure.
But in the last couple of years, as Apple would release new products and gadgets, I would literally and often say the following : “what a hell are they thinking, who is going to use this?”
It started with the iPad back in 2010: even though I was already a loyal iPhone user by then (and remain so till this day) , I thought this is such an absurd product. Not only does it simply look like an enlarged iPhone, the original iPad actually lacked a lot of basic functions that we do take for granted today and that includes a camera! Fast forward 10 years later, if you want to see how successful iPads have become, just observe families around you and see which kids DOESN’T have one! It is now in almost every household , and some with multiple units. BTW I personally don’t have an iPad but we bought one which my son uses as well as for general family use

Then came the Apple Watch about 5 years ago. This, too, I was quick to dismiss and ask my infamous line ‘what the hell are they thinking?’ . I didn’t see the point. At the time I was using a Fitbit for fitness tracking and it did all I needed for fraction of the price of what an Apple Watch debuted at! Well how wrong was I! Last year, my wife bought my an Apple Watch despite my objections. I thought it was a waste of money since I liked my Fitbit. Well, fast forward a year later and I am so hooked to my watch, it is almost as essential as my own iPhone. And this was strengthened by the COVID lockdown where I did more local walking, hiking and home exercises. Not only that, but Apple Watch allows you to seamlessly transfer podcasts and music from your iPhone, something that was either impossible or very difficult to do on my Fitbit.
And finally came Apple AirPod! Instead of using wires, you would wireless listen to music using Bluetooth. While Bluetooth or convenient, I am not a big fan given how much battery it uses. I also thought, these could easily fall and get lost. Well, two years later or so, when I see someone using a wired headphone, I almost cringe. For the record, I never bought an Apple AirPod, but bought another vendor’s wireless earbuds and they work great. So now when I go for a hike or walk, I simply take my wireless earbuds and Apple Watch and that is all I need!
The moral of the story: you may not like them as a company, but don’t ever doubt a giant like Apple. Just look at their stock of late. It is on a tear!!!