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Hockey Game Tragedy [WARNING: There's a lot of blood]


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You've been warned.

I think this is why they made those neck guards for the goalies (cant really tell if that goaly is wearing one or not)

Also, can someone tell me what happened here? I cant really make it out. I saw this long ago once and I thought someone cut him with the blades because they fell on him or whatever.

Here's the link:


If the video wont open, keep refreshing and just be a little patient. If anything, at the bottom, choose the smallest View Width.

P.S. I think I remember someone telling me he survived, not quite sure though. But let's say it is so its easier on our conscience.


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he took that falling blues players skate right in the juggular.
And yeah, he survived. He came back to play a few games, but then he retired. he was never the same after that.


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L33tKevin said: