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Have you had a DNA test regarding ancestry?


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Googoo said:
How much did it cost you and how long did it take? I really want to carry out the test but, if it's too expensive then it's not worth it.
149$ (AUS). I did my test with AncestryDNA. It took 6 weeks for the results to come in (they'd appear in your online account). It may take longer or shorter for others (from as short as 4 weeks to as much as 8 weeks, broadly speaking).

You can also do it with 23andme, but they're vague and unspecific when it comes to the Middle East. If you're, say, Armenian or Algerian, they'd broadly count you as "Middle Eastern/North African".

AncestryDNA is more specific when it comes to Western Asia - They narrow it down to the Middle East, Caucasus, Persia/Turkey and North Africa. In some cases, they'd even put the Near East (perhaps if you're 99% Lebanese or Syrian).



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For the Assyrians who done their DNA test, you should upload your raw data on Gedmatch and see how you can compare with others and what your specific lineages are (Eurogenes). :)

Here are my interesting results: