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Future country view


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There are more assyrians christians than non religious assyrians and l am scared. I dont feel l belong with the west assyrians becuase they dont like my view of the world, l love science and believe in the evolution, but "they" love christianity and believe in adam and eve, its so wrong. Is it like this for east assyrians as well? l mean almost all of you are east assyrians and almost all of you believe in science and thats good, l feel that l belong with you. But there are a lot of assyrians who doesnt like this view and will trie to make me believe in their beliefs , which for me doesnt make any sence because our ancestors were the apes, its proven. They say science is brainwashing but the thing is that its christianity and all religions that are brainwashing, it makes me laugh when they say that.
And the thing is that suroyo tv , our only channel, is all christianity everywere, they invite priests and other churchmen and make them speak the bible, and if there werent many assyrian christians they wouldnt do that. I dont know how it is with your east assyrians channels but west assyrians are all christianity and religious. I feel sad that they are like this. They never show anything science at all and never did. I dont know what to do, why cant they our people be more modern.
If we were to have a country of our own I would want atleast that we "force" modern thinking, science, into our schools and for facking sake, not teach the bible in the schools for children, it doesnt feel right, and l am 100 % sure that they will teach christianity and make the  schools churches!
How can we make assyrians like science? The west assyrians the most, they must accept it. I dont want to force them, they may believe in whatever they want but l want them to also accept science and not only the facking brainwashing christianity!


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I couldn't agree more. I think Assyrians in the media should be a little discreet about their religion. Sure, they can broadcast a few religious specials, but they shouldn't make religion ubiquitous.

Science is the truth. There is more evidence for it. And yes, religion shouldn't be in our classrooms (unless you want to teach about in a historical manner).