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Fruits and Vegetables


Staff member
I finally got into the habit of eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and I can't have enough. And I am already seeing good results in my weight.



New member
Yeah dude, they just found out what in spinach makes you stronger.
There are so many benefits not just weight loss, but preventing diseases and cancer.
Just remember fruit also has calories so you shouldn?t be eating more than 2 serves a day unless its free fruits ( Strawberries, blue berries, kiwi fruit , rockmelon and raspberries)
With starchy vegetables try only have one serve a day eg potato and corn.

Nohra St

New member
If you're not used to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, it can be hard, but once you force yourself into the habit, you begin to crave them, as you would anything else.


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My favorite topic haha!
I finally learned how to manage my food and eating habit... Veggies are very good for you im trying to force myself to eat as much as i can but im still having hard time with that... fruits are good too BUT they can be bad if you eat more than enough because the have SUGAR in them and try to not eat them night time... i would say just pick 2 kinds and eat one of each, plus you dont need to lose weight  :mrgreen: