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Free Online Grammars/Dictionaries


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Recently I found this page called Learn Syriac and Aramaic, where you can find several books, mostly in English, some in German.  The actual files are here.

- Some of the most notable things on the page are:
*Leshono Suryoyo: First Studies in Syriac by John Healey (2005), with audio files, both in East pronunciation and in West pronunciation!  The file name is "07.leshonoSuryoyoFirstStudiesInSyriac"...; the audio files are called TR01... through TR37...
*W. M. Thackston: Introduction to Syriac: An Elementary Grammar With Readings from Syriac Literature (1999).  File names="01.introduction"... or "1.Introduction"... (the same thing)
*Daniel M. Gurtner: Introduction to Syriac: Key to Exercises and English-Syriac Vocabulary (2006) - Keys to Thackston above.  File name="2.Introduction"...

- Additionally:
*T. H. Robinson: Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar (4th ed. 1962)  File names are "02.paradigms"... or "3.Paradigms"... (the same files).
*[German] Arthur Ungnad: Syrische Grammatik mit ?bungsbuch (1913) - file name "5.Syrische"...  But maybe this link is better for this one.

- They also have N?ldeke, Muraoka, Brockelmann, Jessie, and Costaz on the same page, but those books are already in the list above (though some of them might be better versions, like cleaner scans or newer reprints).  The other books on the page are not specifically Syriac-related.  I'll list them up anyway for reference:
*Frederick E. Greenspahn: An Introduction to Aramaic (Corrected Second Edition 2007) - file name "7.An Introduction to Aramaic"...
*W. B. Stevenson (2nd ed 1962): Palestinian Jewish Aramaic Grammar - "8.Palestinian"...
*Ebbe Egede Knudsen: A Targumic Aramaic Reader: Texts from Onkelos and Jonathan (1981) - "9.A Targumic"...
*Klaus Beyer: The Aramaic language its distribution and subdivisions (1986). Translated from German by John F. Healey - File name "10.The Aramaic"... or "11.theAramaic"... (the same files)


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I'm attaching my handmade "Bookmarks" for the 2011 scan, DjVu version, of A compendious Syriac dictionary.  (This scan is much higher-quality than a 2014 scan, a 2009 scan, and other two scans of the same dictionary on archive.org.)
One can use these "Bookmarks" on WinDjView, an open-source free DjVu viewer for Windows, after importing them via File | Import Bookmarks (Files of Type=All Files).  Look at the attached images, and how they work should be self-explanatory.  Nothing fancy, but with them you can open the right page more quickly when looking up a word...

PS:  The direct link to the DjVu file (an e-book format, so to speak) is
https://ia700600.us.archive.org/9/items/compendioussyria00payn/compendioussyria00payn.djvu (39 MiB)
I'd recommend this scan because it's smaller and lighter (especially if you view it in the Foreground mode or in the Black&White mode) than PDF versions, and because English text is searchable (e.g. you can easily find every place where "Assyria" is used), making it possible to use the same dictionary as an English-Syriac dictionary too.



Thanks ! especially for : "Clef de la langue aram?enne, ou grammaire compl?te et pratique des deux dialectes syriaques, occidental et oriental par Alphonse Mingana."

I was searching for some Syriac grammar books in French.


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Below is a list of free online grammars and dictionaries for both the classical and modern dialect(s) in a wide variety of formats. If you have a link to one that is currently not listed below (or an alternate link to one already listed below, as links often suddenly stop working), please feel free to share and I will add it to the list. Should/when any links stop working, please let me know so I can remove them.

All entries are in [English] unless otherwise noted.

Classical Grammars:

Classical Dictionaries:

Modern Grammars:

Modern Dictionaries:

1 Thanks to ISay for the link
2 Thanks to dawidh for the link
3 Thanks to Liisa for the link