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First conspiracy program of its kind in the Assyrian language

Coming from Australia - one of the most locked-down countries in the world.



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Thanks for sharing. I haven’t been following much news of late (mainly Twitter and FB) , but the few times I glanced, it is sad how extreme Australia is going with their measures, making the cure worse than the disease!

Here in Canada, compared to the U.S at least, the lockdown measure have been pretty extreme. But I think Australia got it worse last few months.

But unlike Canadians, Aussies have come out in droves to protest these harsh lockdowns and didn’t just give in.
I'd like to thank AV.net for allowing the post to remain. This alone is proof that AV.net does not stand for censorship, but free speech. Sadly however, there are others, ie: the Assyria Reddit group, who've suppressed/removed all my posts. This demonstrates their debased level of ideology as being one of mainstream and therefore of ignorance.

Please visit the link, subscribe, share with your organisations, and submit feedback! Assyrians must awaken to the grand conspiracy (once more) against them, as was the case in Simele 1933.