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Fairfield wedding breached COVID restrictions after 600-700 guests attended


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A reception operator in Sydney’s west has been fined after hosting hundreds of guests attended a wedding in breach of COVID restrictions on Saturday.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott said there were about 600 to 700 people at the Fairfield wedding.

“I’m actually quite disgusted that anybody would put their community at risk that way,” Elliott told reporters on Monday.

“I cannot believe that any sound person in this state in 2021 doesn’t understand what their obligations are.

“This wasn’t a dozen people turning up to Christmas lunch unannounced.

“This was twice the amount of people that were allowed to attend this venue.”

A new COVID cluster has been linked to the Berala BWS store. Credit: AAP
Police were called to the venue on Spencer Street at about 9.30pm after concerns were raised there were too many guests at the wedding.

The venue operator was advised a number of guests would be required to leave, which he complied with.

He was fined $5000 the next day.

Read more :https://7news.com.au/sport/cricket/...Ggqf2d4BvFsiXtHINpvLmKwdy0pb1C9NBqiu5-cBq1IQY


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I hope I am wrong but am assuming this was an Assyrian, if not a middle eastern wedding? Can anyone from Australia confirm?


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It was an Assyrian wedding, yes.

But the media deceitfully used footage from pre-COVID days to sensationalise things and provoke people.