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English-Assyrian Translation


New member

I need help to correct/translate (the list below nr. 1-14) to Assyrian. It is very important the translation to be in official, accurate and professional form i.e.  no Arabic, Kurdish, Persian or Turkish words please!

I need the translation with pronunciation and spelling.
EXAMPLE: Assyria - Ator, alap-taw-waw-resh

1.  Blessed be Assyria the work of My hands (Isaiah 19:25) - ?
2.  United We Stand - Khoyede Akhnan Kalekh or Khoyede Kalekh ?
3.  Assyrian National Authority - Sholtana Athraya/Omtanaya Atoraya (which one is correct Athraya or Omtanaya ?)
4.  National Strategy Institute - Bet-drasha Is?ratiga Athraya/Omtanaya
5.  Crisis Managment Agency - ?...? Mdabranota d'Asqoyate or d'Asqota ?
6.  Emergency Broadcast System - ?
7.  Defense Mobilization Forces - Kheylawate ?...? d'Msa?ranota
8.  Defend the/our People - ?
9.  Solidarity - ?
10. Responsibility - Mishtalanota
11. Free - Azad
12. Freedom - Azadota
13. Liberty - Khirota
14. Lliberation - Khorara

I am very thankful for any help that I can get.