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Does coffee help you gain or lose weight? My personal experience!


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If you google 'coffee and weight' you will probably see as many articles on either side of the fence (coffee makes you gain weight vs. coffee helps you lose weight)

-Anyway, let me tell you about my own personal experience. Starting in mid February and through late march, I started experiencing severe issues with my thyroid. While this was going on, I didn't feel like drinking coffee anymore.

March 9th, 2014 was the last day I had coffee.

My thyroid issues have since been treated and everything is back to normal. But I never went back to drinking coffee. I must admit though, on the occasional days (maybe once every 7-10 days) I would drink a small ice cappuccino (summer) or small French Vanilla (starting in October) .

So that is almost 8.5 months of no coffee (double double is how I drink my coffee)

With everything else staying the same, including going to the GYM, eating like before etc., I have actually gained weight. To be specific, I have gained close to 8 lbs. compared to before I had my thyroid issues.

Is the lack of coffee the reason for this gain in weight? it may or it may not. I just know that nothing else has changed since then other than not drinking coffee in the last 8.5 months. Could the occasional Ice Cap or French Vanilla be causing weight gain? bear in mind, I used to average almost one coffee a day (6 days a week or so) and drunk it with 2 sugar and 2 milk.