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Ezidi Kurd said:
I'm trying to educate you about something you don't know. If you don't know some simple facts, you come to wrong conclusions. This was lesson number 1, the Medes were Magi, Mithraists and not Zoroastrians. Zoroaster was a Mede/Ezdi Kurd who was an outcast who fled to Bactria (Central Asia) and found Zoroastrianism on Mesopotamian believes.

Your Semitic brothers the Jewish thieves stole everything from our Aryan Northern Mesopotamian religion. They made their own stories and wrote their own book called Thora. But they never thanked the Kurds that we gave them 1 GOD.

Christianity was born in Palestina, in Bethlehem. Jesus Christ was a son of a Jewish mother. Nobody knows his father, but i heard that some were saying that his mother Maria had something with a Roman soldier.
What I'm trying to say is that Christianity is not from Mesopotamia at all, but from modern day Israel. JC was a Jew. It is Semitic as it can get.

The Assyrians were never part of the Mithraism. Mithra was an ARYAN (Iranian) Sun God. And the existence of Mithraism in the Northern Mesopotamia is already evidence that Assyrians were already irrelevant during that time of period in Kurdistan or even during the time of Mitanni.

We can assume that Assyrians as a group of people lost their dominance right after the Aryan Medes destroyed Nineveh. If Assyrians had actually some dominance, which I really doubt...
Are you trolling?

Who said Christianity came from Mesopotamia? Everyone knows that Christianity originated in Israel.

Who said Assyrians are Mithrists? Where did you get that from?