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Critical Outcome Technologies Inc (TSX: COT)


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Critical Outcome Technologies Inc (TSX: COT)

Back in mid March, a coworker alerted me to this stock which I had never heard of before. He told me that the company is in clinical trials to produce treatments for specific types of cancers using their own patented technologies.

On the very day he told me about this stock, it was trading around .35 cents.

I wanted to buy some of this stock, but I didn't have any cash left, as it was all tied to other stocks. This would be the first penny stock I bought and I thought what a hell, even if it turns out to be bust, I am only going to buy couple hundreds worth of stocks. Nothing that will bankrupt me in case the stock becomes worthless.

By mid early April, some funds finally became available and I bought stock. Unfortunately, by now, it had gone up to .44 cents, but still not bad enough. I bought some +1200 shares.

Today, the stock just hit a high of .60 cents. In other words, since my friend told me about this 3 months ago, it had gone up by about 42%!  and some 27% since I bought it myself.

If anyone has bought this stock, please feel free to share your thoughts?