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Could someone translate this song for me?


New member
My mother loves this song. It was a song of her days.

Anyway, I'll try my best:

You said my sadness will turn into happiness
That we will go into the way of lightness

Oh, son of the sun, all of my life I have been thinking of you
This beautiful world [I don't understand what she says here...] [...something about in her dreams]

I didn't know that you'll be coming from the sun's rays
Like the wind which is created by your white horse

Above the clouds and to the sky limits, that's how much my thoughts are with you
How beautiful is this love you gave to me
Due to my sadness, my soul is weakening

Oh, daughter of my nation, all of my life I've been thinking about you
This beautiful world, fly it to Nahren (?), in my dreams [not sure what "salmoneh" is]

At night in my dreams, you said to me your horse will come at dawn
Years went by, my eyes were fixed on your way to me, my love didn't [unintelligible, prakha or praqa?]

[Something about their "milet"], come on your white horse and let's build our house together
[Something Bet Nahren and its river]

That's the best I could do. Hope I helped. :)