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Confederation Cup Predictions by Goal.com


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Very very interesting. Many writers and analysts on the websites were asked questions like these:

Winners: Brazil
Runners-Up: Spain
Semi Finalists: Italy, Iraq
Group Stages: South Africa, New Zealand, Egypt, United States
Top Scorer: Robinho
Player of the Tournament: Kaka
Flop of the Tournament: Gianluigi Buffon
Most Attractive Team: Brazil
Most Boring Team: USA

Read them all here: http://goal.com/en-us/news/66/united-states/2009/06/12/1320857/goalcom-worldview-confederations-cup-predictions

Some of the things I observed:

-Most chose either Brazil or Spain to win it all
-A lot voted for Robinho, Xavi, Torres, Kaka etc. for top scorers and MVP
-Most chose Italy and NZ as the most boring team
-Most chose Luca Toni as the flop of the tournament