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College Students: Where do you go and what are you studying?!


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Institution: The University of Michigan
Studying: Chemistry & North African and Near Eastern Studies OR Chemistry with minor in Arabic
Year: Class of 2010 (sophomore)

And you?!


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I attend McMaster University and my field of study is Double Major/Honors Geography and Environmental Science with minor in English...Goal: Teacher


Princess Mary

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Thats great that we have such studies members on AVN!!!!

I've changed my major 1000000 times :)

But I am just about to finish my Bachelors with a double major in Finance and Business Management with a minor in Taxation...

Next Fall I will either be in a MBA degree or a MBA/ J.D ( A masters and Law degree combined)


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Where do you go and what are you studying?!

I go to work only  :mrgreen:

Done school long time ago, I have my B.D. in IT, and I also have 3 other diplomas for different courses, I don't want to list them cause they are not that important. I just love to study about everything, it's just fun  :giggle: :mrgreen: . 

Assyrian G Fo Lyfe

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I going for my B.A. in Computer Engineering and im thinking of maybe a minor in business Admin.
who knows, lol we'll see



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Centennial College Part time

Apprenticeship for Automotive Service Technician.

I am thinking about taking more courses after this is done :)