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Chicago Covention 2009: AV get-togethers?


New member
Ok so here's the deal. I can't go to the convention ( :crybaby: interview at the same time  :mad: ) but my brother is going. He however doesn't come on AV and he hasn't really mixed with surayeh before as we live way out. But I want to encourage him to meet surayeh and get to know people instead of just sitting with my sister and her husband at the convention the whole time.

Soooooooooooo are there gonna be any AV get-togethers at the convention time to get to meet one another, at the convention itself or otherwise e.g. going to dinner, navy pier etc.? Cause I know a lot of AV members are going this year.

Thank-you my dears!!!!  :bigarmhug:


New member

nothing has been planed as of yet but im sure will have something going on.
not sure whos coming to convention this year i only know a hand full of people who are going from avn.

I think we need to make a list of whos going and if their willing to meet the avners here and do dinner or something that would be kool.



Staff member
I am soon opening a new 'Convention' sub forum.