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Big Questions.


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Domanic said:
How and when did the universe begin?
If god exists where is he?
What happens when we die?
Is there an infinite amount of universes?
Do you only get one life?
Was there another universe before our one?
Where were we before we were born?
What happened to the sperms that never got the chance?
Are we Alone in the universe?
Do spirits exist?
What is the meaning of life?
Is the universe a mistake?
What made the big bang happen?
Can the big rip actually happen?
Was there even a start or will they be a end to our universe?
What's in a black hole?
How did life begin on earth?
Is time travel possible?
How did a tiny particle create everything in existence?
Is there more then one universe?
Is there a animated version of our universe with different laws of physics?
Is the universe a tiny particle in a bigger universe?
Can we bring extinct animals back from a tiny organism?
Did Muhammad get his scriptures from the devil?
Did Jesus ascend and to where?
Do Animals get to go to heaven?
What does the devil look like?
Does Bigfoot exist?
Is there something a bigger animal deep in the ocean?
Is there something smaller then a nucleus?
What is a particle is a tiny universe that we can't see and in that particle there is an amount of universes?

I have 52 000 other questions but i'm lazy.
take your Ass-yrian to Humanities class...


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Presumably the big bang

Probably outside the universe

Nothing. What happened before we were born? Get it?

Not sure about that one, but I'm going with yes.

Another tricky one. The universe could probably expand and deflate every time it dies.

We're not alone in the universe. There has to be alien lifeforms, but they're not like what we see in movies.

No evidence of ghosts.

Life began with bacteria.

If he existed, Jesus was a normal man. I doubt that any religious figure had divine influence.

Not bothered with the rest...Lol


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Assyrian Nationalist said:
I want ghosts to be real :(
Please no.

I don't want them peaking on me. And after I die, they tell me everything and embarrass me in front of other ghosts. Lmao.