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Ballon d’Or all-time dream team revealed featuring Lionel Messi, Pele, Diego Maradona and both Ronaldos


Staff member
The list is surely amazing and legendary but will generate just as much controversy with ‘why this and not that?’ etc.

I am just happy we have Brazilians on the list , more than any other country. Though I am a little surprised with the inclusion of Cafu. Sure an all time great but it is a bit of a stretch to be included here.

what do you guys agree and disagree With?


Crocodile Bani

Active member
I would replace Zidane with Mattheus, though Mattheus was a great player in his own right.

As for Cafu, who would you put at right back if not him? Also, leaving out Garrincha I believe is a mistake. I know people will jump down my throat for saying this, but I would replace Messi with Garrincha. I am just not convinced about Messi. Until he wins something of note for his country, he will never be equal to the others on the list. Even Cristiano Ronaldo won a title with an underwhelming Portugal team, not too different to Maradona in 1986.