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Thank you Younan

In regards to the word sapooyeh now that you wrote the other meanings I did know them how do certain things escape our mind :)

As for Pkhama in certain areas in the Middle East Assyrians with different accents used to live together and as you hear words you learn them from the different accents and when you hear a word which you don't know you would ask. I don't have an Assyrian dictionary but what I know is from personal contacts.

The word 3eereh did come to my mind the same phrase which you used from the Liturgy but I didn't know the meaning? :blush2:

Now if you allow me I will test your knowledge and these words are from couple of different Assyrian accents :)




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Younan said:

lol, Nina the reason i said "very impressive" is because u knew the words from ur cultural experiences with assyrians. unfortunately, i dont have any like experience.

these words are not in my dictionary (its written by qasha shmuel dawid, a chaldean priest in 1925, and i believe around that time, Urmia dialect was the dialect accepted by assyrains as the adminstrative dialect?)

i found equivalent words so my guesses are as follows:

reechil = to darn/to be soft?

mouchenna = charge/load/silent/oil cloth/forgot?

hmm...? :blink:

The meanings you gave show exactly how much we can find in the Assyrian language.

Reechil is butter in one of the tyarayeh Assyrians accent.

Mouchenna is tweezers in the Gondikta (Gondiknayeh) Assyrians accent.

I also have a little extra support for the Urmi dialect since my grand-mother God rest her soul who was from Urmi, so all is fine :)

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