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Driv3r said:

just killed this thread  :giggle:

:ROFLMAO:  :angelnot:  I'm sorry!  I should have started a new thread  :imsorry:

Younan said:
:ROFLMAO: Driv3r!

la nasha! OMG Dlty01! seriously u rock azizta!! ive always wanted some exposure to akkadian! wow, so many words that are almost identical. yes u can see the pattern, in how the langauges are different. "b used for our w", "h, sometimes used instead of kh", and of course "u instead of our a at the end of the word"

thanks so much. keep it coming.


No problem khon.  I love seeing the relationship to Akkadian.  Reinforces my identity to those Assyrians of old  :shades:
Sorry I meant thanks dltly01 thanks for that list? :bigarmhug: and you didn?t killed the tread you just made it more interesting? :)
Mota - death

Mitlah - she died, it died

Mitleh - he died

Mitloon - they died

Example: Aya thread, khoo la mitlah? This thread, it didn't die, did it?
Younan said:
ok, lets try a test...? :giggle:? (i can offer assyrios for each word thats correct! lol....hmm i dont even know how many i have lol)

1. tdalya (6alya )? 6=the letter teth (after kheth)? [if you know this, can you give me the other name for the pair?]

2. igarta

3. sharakta

4. 3ee'raa (3=the letter aih (after simkath) )

5. mim'raa

6. matla

7. mom'kin

8. sapooyeh (has 2 quite opposite meanings!)

9. p'khama

10. 3iltaa (2 meanings)

and for the bonus prize:


:yourock: kulokhon

Did I miss the answers to these words??? I will just write what I know :)

1.If the first word is Talya = a young boy the feminine for it is Taleeta. Plural = Talyeh.

2. Igarta=letter

3. Sharakta= participation

4. I don't know the meaning isn't it the same word used in a part of the Liturgy? if I'm not mistaken.

5. mimr'aa = don't know.

6. matla=a short story which has a lesson to draw from.

7. momkin= possible.

8. sapooyeh = it can mean to deliver some one (sapooyeh kha barnasha) and the second meaning seems to be the sapooyeh = as in sappa (sapooneh) or also if it is like a "sadeh" means to filter something (sapooyeh rizza).

9. p'khama = In the accent of the Assyrians from Mazra and Tkhooma the word means to remember.

10. 3iltaa = Reason, but I don't know what the other meaning is.

11. pith'ghama = I would like to know what this word means perhaps it has another equivalent.

Thank you Younan

In regards to the word sapooyeh now that you wrote the other meanings I did know them how do certain things escape our mind :)

As for Pkhama in certain areas in the Middle East Assyrians with different accents used to live together and as you hear words you learn them from the different accents and when you hear a word which you don't know you would ask. I don't have an Assyrian dictionary but what I know is from personal contacts.

The word 3eereh did come to my mind the same phrase which you used from the Liturgy but I didn't know the meaning? :blush2:

Now if you allow me I will test your knowledge and these words are from couple of different Assyrian accents :)


Younan said:

lol, Nina the reason i said "very impressive" is because u knew the words from ur cultural experiences with assyrians. unfortunately, i dont have any like experience.

these words are not in my dictionary (its written by qasha shmuel dawid, a chaldean priest in 1925, and i believe around that time, Urmia dialect was the dialect accepted by assyrains as the adminstrative dialect?)

i found equivalent words so my guesses are as follows:

reechil = to darn/to be soft?

mouchenna = charge/load/silent/oil cloth/forgot?

hmm...? :blink:

The meanings you gave show exactly how much we can find in the Assyrian language.

Reechil is butter in one of the tyarayeh Assyrians accent.

Mouchenna is tweezers in the Gondikta (Gondiknayeh) Assyrians accent.

I also have a little extra support for the Urmi dialect since my grand-mother God rest her soul who was from Urmi, so all is fine :)

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