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AVN Terms of Use - Rules of Conduct

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The Assyrian Voice Discussion Forum is a free service that aims to provide a medium for Assyrians worldwide to come together and interact in a mature and civilised manner.

AVN does have some basic rules and guidelines for the people posting here.  These rules and guidelines are intended to keep these forums focused on their original purpose: provide a fun, friendly and intelligent atmosphere; create a respectable Community for the people who come here; and prevent abuse of these forums and the people who post here.

For the above reasons, all AVN users are expected to abide by these rules for all areas of AVN (Posts, Signatures, Profiles, Private Messages, etc). Posters failing to abide by the rules may be warned, banned, or even removed from our forum(s) altogether.  Every time you post here, you accept the rules.

1- Posts containing any material which may be considered in the absolute discretion of AVN to be personal attacks, harassment of any kind, abusive or vulgar language, sexually oriented material, profanity, pornography, threats, invasion of privacy, racially or otherwise discriminatory, or anything that is otherwise violative of any law or civil right, or considered to infringe the rights and/or privacy of any other person, will not be tolerated. Such is expressed to include any conduct which encourages same, such as posting indirect comments (articles) that contain any of the above.

Members involved in such activities will be warned/suspended at the absolute discretion of AVN. AVN reserves the right to contact the Internet Service Provider of the user regarding such conduct. This term also applies to any postings which may be considered "retaliatory". Should you believe that a member has offended this or other terms and conditions, please contact a staff member.

2- You may only register one User ID. Multiple IDs are not allowed. If a member is found to have registered more than one account, their subsequent accounts will be deleted and they will be given a warning.

3- We place a high value on respect for other people here, which is why we are very intolerant of people making personal attacks, therefore please be respectful of others at all times. Occasionally, there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Be courteous when disagreeing with others. It is possible to disagree without being insulting.

4- Private communication between moderators and administrators of the forum and the forum users is not to be made public on these forums or by any other venue.

5-  Warnings and suspensions are not to be discussed on the forum. Such matters shall remain private between the admins and the user. Questions or comments concerning warnings and suspensions will be conveyed through e-mail or private messaging. Likewise, discussions regarding moderator actions are not permitted on the forum. If you have questions regarding a post or thread, please contact one of the staff members.

6- Spamming/Flooding is not permitted. Spam is considered to be repetitive posting of the same text again and again or nonsensical posts that have no substance and are often designed to annoy other forum users. AVN staff reserve the right to delete such posts with or without prior notice.

7- Redundant threads will be deleted.  As a courtesy to others before beginning a new thread, please look to see if an active thread on that topic has already been established. If so, place your comments there instead. Multiple threads on the same subject clutter up the forum needlessly and many good ideas may be lost. Keep discussions about one topic to one thread only.

8- Avoid using profanity. Using partial masking (such as asterisks or punctuation marks) to bypass the profanity filter is prohibited and will result in the same action as if the actual word had been typed.

9- Post constructively. Negative feedback can be very useful, provided that it is presented in a civil, factual manner. Tell us what you don't like and why and how you feel it could be improved. Posts that are insulting and rude will be deleted, no matter how valid the ideas behind them may be.

10- Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be given a warning.

11- Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.

12- Abuse of the private messaging system will result in a warning/suspension.

13- Signatures must be 600 pixels in width x 200 pixels in height. Members ignoring this rule will be warned/suspended.

14- Avatars/Signatures must not contain any text/photos that are deemed to be personal attacks, harassment of any kind, abusive or vulgar language, sexually oriented material, profanity, pornography, threats, invasion of privacy, racially or otherwise discriminatory, or anything that is otherwise violative of any law or civil right. Avatars/Signatures that end up offending/affecting other members, will be looked at on a case by case basis, and could be removed.

15- While membership can be deleted at the request of a member, certain associated content may not be able to be removed, especially when it is part of a big discussion, lasting beyond a few posts. Members can delete certain posts of theirs on their own.

16- Use of inappropriate or nonsense account names when registering to AVN is not acceptable, such accounts will be deleted.

17- Use short, concise thread titles. When posting a new thread, it's a good idea to use a short, yet informative title, so it is not too long and other Visitors to the Forum know what your thread is about.

18- Due to the nature of a forum, ban times are usually determined by history & severity and at the discrestion of the admin team, and are incremental in most cases.

19- Postings made by members are the opinions of members and are the responsibility of the author. AVN assumes no responsibility for the content expressed and/or implied by members. Members are totally responsible for content they post on the forums, and AVN shall not be held liable. This includes opinions of moderators and admins, whether designated as "Staff" or otherwise, when not acting in their capacity as AVN Staff.

20- Staff members reserve the right to delete any thread/post which they believe is violating the AVN terms & guidelines at anytime with/without prior warning to the member.

21- It is strictly prohibited to mention members' real names or details without their full consent.

22- Bumping of old thread with nonsense posts is strictly prohibited.

AVN Admin Team

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