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Assyriska Sign Another Brazilian Player


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Assyriska's New Brazilian Player

Just before the transfer window closed last night made clear Assyriska with Brazilian attacker Tiago Pereira, 28.
- The contract is for one and a half years, confirming the club head Aydin Aho.
The last days before the transfer ban lasted one FEBRILE activity Assyriska's Office to ensure 28-year-old Tiago Pereira signature.  Just hours before the deadline was the transition complete.
It was during a scouting trip to Brazil as the club had eyes for the last puzzle piece in lagbygget.
- He is big, strong and a good ball receiver.  But above all, he is ruthless in the penalty area and a clinical finish.  He has delivered for many years and is exactly the one we wanted, "says Assyriska klubbchef Aydin Aho.
Pereira comes from Democrata, playing in a regional first line in Brazil.  The team is in the middle of finals and Pereira leads shooting league, which shows that there is a player in the game form that connects to Assyriska next week.  First, 28-year-old, however, play semifinal for Democrata in the championship.
- We never thought we could get him, because m?lskyttar tend to be attractive.  Therefore it was there a long time, but eventually became more clear.
The contract with Assyriska is over a year and a half.

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