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Assyriska is only 5 points behind a play-off position for the pro league


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I just looked at the standing table (http://svenskfotboll.se/superettan/information/?widget=1&scr=table&ftid=27265) and noticed that Assyriska is only 5 points from 3rd place, where they would play a playoff series to make it to the top professional Swedish league.

Syrianska is sitting top of the table, so they should make it back to the pro league. Not sure how much is left in this current season, would love to see Assyriska making a late push to get in too. Top 2 teams automatically make it to the pro league while the 3rd team has to play in a playoff series against another team to make it to the pro league.



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I just figured it out, the link you posted is from 2010. Check above the table, you can see the latest results from different games and they are from 2010.