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Assyriska Info & Photos


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Rammons it would be good if Suryoyo tv had a timetable and let us know exactly what time the replay will be.
by the way i love your picture well Done. they should put that on zelge website in the wall paper section.


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FT Limhamn Bunkeflo IF [0 - 2] Assyriska

37' [0 - 1]  D. ?stlundh 

90' [0 - 2]  M. Genc 



?rgryte 22 24 46
Assyriska FF 23 14 44
IF Brommapojkarna 23 5 38
?tvidabergs FF 22 5 37
BK H?cken 22 19 35
Mj?llby AIF 22 10 35
Falkenbergs FF 22 8 34
?ngelholms FF 23 5 32
Landskrona BoIS 22 -1 31
V?sby United 22 4 29
Qviding FIF 23 -4 27
Sirius 23 -14 26
IF Limhamn Bunkeflo 23 -16 22
J?nk?pings S?dra IF 22 -14 18
Degerfors IF 22 -20 17
Enk?ping 22 -25 17

Herro You

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Thursday  Sep 4, 2008  BK Hacken Goteborg  8 - 0  IK Sirius Uppsala

Wow!  Are they Sirius haha!

How much did we beat them?  1-0?  Still, forget the performance, all we want are the points


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man im praying they make it that and zowaa to gain full admin control of the Nineveh plains that?s all i want  :wavetowel:
its not much to ask is it! maybe i should start posting in the religious section a little more. We have a big game coming up.


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what a game coming up this weekend

Sunday Sep 14, 2008 Assyriska Sodertalje 16 : 00 Orgryte IS Goteborg




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Not really a surprise, and shouldn't really affect our chances of promotion.

6 games remain, 12 points needed.

Also it's 1st vs 3rd next week, so if we win it would put us in a good position regardless of that result.


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Diqlat said:
winning next week isnt a given either. we are playing 4th place team away from home. but atleast thats our hardest fixture left. the one after is against the bottom club, then the rest are mid table.
A win would be a bonus, i think the team would take a draw.

i have a feeling Orgryte & BK Hacken will sneak promotion.. :bangin:


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Diqlat said:
kheena doesnt 3rd place give you a play-off with 3rd bottom team from allsvenskan? eena theres now realistically 4 teams in it. i hope we dont come 4th.  :bangin:
Yeah but i hope we don't have to play off..


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I saw the game on TV. It was wonderful seeing the players and the team play. They played great and they should have won. Orgoryte only had two chances and they scored on one.

Our boys had many but they could not convert. I thought the referee and the lines people were terrible. Wrong calls everywhere.

I taped the second half. I will upload on youtube soon.

I am worried about the schedule. I hope our boys win outright and not go to the playoffs. I don't want us to stay in Superatan and face Syrianska next year.


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Senior News: Assyriska won against Gr?ndals IK (3 - 2)
SENIOR Assyriska won todays match against Gr?ndals IK with 3 ? 2. Assyriska dominated the game, but had severe difficulties to strike. Assyriska should have scored at least a couple of more goals considering the several chances.

The strikers for Assyriska were central midfielders Andi Toompuu and Narsai Shaba. The final goal, 3 -2, was scored by Martin ?slund.

The young player Nahir Besara was the best player in Assyriska FF. Further Andi Toompu and Martin Lorentzon played well today. The Captain, G?ran Marklund, played his first pre-season match for Assyriska and was in a surprising good shape. 


Phenomenon said:
Assyriska - IFK Norrk?ping 3-0 (premiere)
And some pictures: http://assyriska.se/gallery.php?gr=2&ca=24&page=1 & http://www.zelge.com/bildarkiv/bildArkiv/index.php?spgmGal=2009/06.%20Assyriska%20-%20Norrkoping%203-0


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Good start. Sadly Assyriska is notorious of coming out strong and finishing weak. Let's hope this strong play continues.