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Assyriska did it again (English article)


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SENIOR Assyriska won the second friendly game in a row. This time, it was against V?sby United by 3-0. Mattias Genc did it twice and Nahir Besara scored the third goal.

It was a chilly and slippery Saturday afternoon today in S?dert?lje. We saw a younger team warming up and we didn?t know what to expect from the game. Rikard Norling wanted to give every player a chance to prove that they deserve to be on the starting line up when the season starts. Therefore, most of today?s players were from the youth team with an average age of 21.

It started very promising as the Assyrian younger side didn?t show any respect to the more experienced V?sby United. After 22 minutes, Mattias Genc introduced himself to the scoring sheet after a passing combination between George Makdessi and Eddie Moussa. Seconds later, Genc could have doubled his scoring but the ball went just outside the post. Assyriska kept on pressuring and the young Assyriska players took more initiative offensively and it was a joy to see such a character from them.

Assyriska continued to pressure for the second goal but we had to wait until the 80th minute when Mattias Genc received the ball from Moussa, passed one of the defenders nicely and shot it inside near the post.

When the game came to its end, Assyriska made its last attack on the 88th minute. Nahir Besara, the best player this game, made his mark when he ended the game by scoring the last goal.

Having seen these young players, with such talent, character and mature way to play, proves that the commitment from everyone around Assyriska FF has giving us fantastic players for today and the future. We owe this game to every parent, managers and the organisation around it that worked and nurtured these young Assyriska players and giving us supporter fantastic players every year.

Isak Betsimon