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I am new here. My name is Greg. I am not Assyrian or modern Aramaic speaking, I am from Europe.

I am fascinated by the fact that Aramaic is still spoken today, was totally oblivious to the fact. Like probably most of the world, I thought Middle East all spoke Arabic only.

I restored an almost complete copy of assyrianlanguage.com from archive.org. Just a couple of more advanced lessons are missing some of the sound files.

Does anybody know how to get a hold of Alan Aldawood, to see if I can get his permission to popularize online the restored copy?
It has *all* the copyright notices and attribution to him, exactly as the original site. I am confused a little by his copyright notice, in one place it would seem he's OK to create a copy of his work, as long as all the copyright notices are in place.

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A restored copy from archive.org. I find it very useful. Also sounds are played inside the browser. Enjoy!


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Hi Greg, great to have you and to know you have interest in our language.

Honestly, I wouldn’t know how to get in touch with him, but that was one of the websites I used to visit as far back as late 90s as it was one of the oldest Assyrian websites online and a first for helping others learn about our language.