Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2006

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? Atourina: what a year this was wow. At the end of last year, she told us that she would be the most popular member next year, and she has easily kept the promise. Had a little bump in October, other than that, she was the new queen or the new ?BellaMafia? of the forum. All of this and she still has time for a morning job, Lasenza, Jay, partying and more.? The best thing about her? she will reply to as many threads as she can, so the thread starter doesn?t feel about!

i knew u wanted to be just like me, u wannabe!!! :french:
Jan: such a cutie, and looks and sounds like a mini version oThf JooJee in her cutness and modesty.  Oh yeah, very cute avatars.  I am sure she was thinking she wouldn?t be included in this. Why wouldn?t you?

ASHOOR thank you for including me even though i don't post most off the time but you still make me fell part of the AVN THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!! :)
?  Bratiel: representing the Dutch and Europe to the best of her ability.  Gotta love this girl for her extreme Assyrian pride.  Man was she mad when Holland lost in the world cup? she almost beat up on Thomas; lucky for him, she wasn?t any close to him.  Gone absent lately, but that is fine, because soon she will be our ambassador to the UN.  One of our best and prettiest ever!

aaahhhh...that was because my laptop was dead! since 2 days i have a new laptop and internet. have been very busy with school and work. hopefully you will see me more often . i have missed you guys a little bite! Eanna keeps with the great stories about this site! even buying christmaspresents fo eachother!! SOOO COOL!
FallenAngel: I know, you are thinking ?will I even make it?? of course you will, why not? you are nice, pretty, polite etc. etc.  Better yet, I still think your avatars are as cute as they can get.  Keep it up girl. And if you are really really nice as I think you are, let me see you posting something out of the random on March 18!

thanks a bunch for the lovely post...hopefully ill remember to post something on march 18  :)...
im i supposed to kno what march 18 is ,or is it just a random day :bangin:
Don't ask me why, but I usually hate participating and replying to these kind of threads (birthdays, yearbooks, best wishes, blabla).  But I gotta say it was unexpected to see my name online somewhere.  Thanks Ashoor for your efforts.

If I ever tried to write a list like this, I think I would end up going crazy halfway through the first page.  lol 
sweety: such a lovely Aussie chick, but with some weird posts at times, much like her other friend Uneek. Extremely nice, even when attacked by others.  She missed the chance to be sent a Tweety as a gift!

well 4 starters atleast u membered me....  :blush2:

and its SweeTy...  :beee:


no tweety....... dsnt matter.... always got my boy
Valantina: her entry from last year was something as simple as ?nice girl from NZ?? (she is not even from NZ,, so we owe it to her to stand corrected) But this year, she will get more than one line. She deserves more than a few lines. Extremely nice, charming and sweet. Her hubby must be lucky to have her. She is just into spam a bit too much. But, she is redefining spam, to make it fun and acceptable.  She had over 20,000 posts, but not once did she act rude, and that alone deserves an award.

WOW Ashoor really a great job hun  :clap:

ps: i was expecting you to say something about PINK too  :lol: jk

shoemaker: can be a pain in the ?you know what? but we all know his reasons for doing it.  Of course, we know his funny, and the votes proved it (as long as he doesn?t stretch it) And the Leafs drought continues. His best arguments? of course, against that Oiler fan, who needs to swear and put people down, even when discussing something as peaceful as sports.

what are my reasons for doing it?
?  Senator_Danavi: One of the most controversial, interesting and thought-provoking posters in 2006.  If he believes in something, he will go all the way to defend it.  Him, along with people like sydneydude, petervocals have got some tough guts. They never give up on what they believe in. Great for them and every Assyrian who is resilient and persistent enough.  Let us hope that he puts more of his time and knowledge into more nationalistic issues and projects.

Thanks for the time you have invested in making every AVNer feel a bit more special for the New Year!  On your last sentence, since I am so defensive  :razz:, there is a good reason why i have been away from AVN for the past few months....

You obviously dont think I would be ignoring AVN for no purpose... :bangin:

Thanks again ASHOOR, keep up the great work in truly uniting our Assyrian people even if some come to still is uniting, la?
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