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Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2006

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My inclusion into the yearbook came as bit of a surprise lol?I felt I was more active the previous year & not just on AVN, but in life in general?still it was sweet of you to mention me. 

But anywayz, I?ve never posted my pic on here. :mrgreen:


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?  Naramsin (NintendoMaster): not sure if you have a dublicate, but who cares, you are a good guy and deserve more than one entry.  Were you too sleeping outside, waiting for a Wii? Wayla aya Wii, mo wethla byan

Haha thanks alot for your words of wisdom. For those people who are confused with this nickname, the nickname "Nintendomaster" is just my producer nickname. I had it for five years, so its practically stuck with me lol. Actually, I waited for the BestBuy to open for five hours outside. I wasn't sleepy, because I took a power nap during the afternoon hehe. But its such an awesome console - you should try it sometime.

?  .CaNdLe. don?t you just love her cute avatars and signature pictures? Apart from that, she is extremely nice and adorable herself. Would make a great couple with the other nice AVNer, aka Hip Hop Producer

Kheena, she's a great woman nonetheless. It doesn't take a genius to know that. :)

?  cuttie: that is what she is, a cuttie, and Hip_Hop will agree with me.  Her and her cousin assy gal have way too many not-so-secretive secrets

[Nods passionately] Absolutely lol. Its a shame she isn't online as much. I miss her.  :baby:


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Joy: one cutie and meanie at the same time. Is she hiding from us, because she is not existent for some time now.  She can?t wait to read this, and like I promised her, it will be a nice one.  Still not satisfied? OK, I will give you more. We are already at our fourth line or so. Yes, you got so many lines, without even posting. What will happen when you start posting at a pace similar to atourina, valley, Linda and others? people are now wondering, why am I treating you so special? mystery answer, if there is one, will never be revealed.  Anyways, one very nice and sweet girl, and her name is so true.

wow I trule wasn't expecting all this LOOOOL it's not fair to others who posts in AVN daily .. BUT u really mady my logging in this morning worth while LOOOL 

thankss ASHOOR for these nice and kind words, best wishes for new year  :bigarmhug:


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?  ThirstyNinos: how can you not like a guy who is as nice as him, likes Real Madrid and is a big Brazilian fan? Did I say he is extremely nice? He is still working too many hours man!  If only people in the church were to listen to him, we would have total peace.

great job ashoor and others who helped you with this year book,and thanks for you kind words aziza. :yourock:


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?TuTu: what a beautiful smile she has got now, and I don?t blame her for wanting to smile more often. ?Need more from her in the new year. ?Even her sister with a kid, has more time for AVN than she does.

awwwwww my name was there lol ......
i know i do need to post more often.. 2007 i will ;) hehe but yes as u can see i love to smile lol and ashoor u got ur braces right? wait til u get urs off and see how much ull be smiling ?:mrgreen: ;)


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Godismyjudge: one of the nicest guys ever, but too bad he hates Real. His Wolf game is one of the most popular games on the website. It got people talking, laughing, and oh yeah, fighting too?You gotta love his funny poses with his tongue.  Thanks to him, Eanna, Bratiel and others for engineering one of AVN?s most successful gatherings ever.

Thanx Ashoor your the best!! I still hate Real and I won't ever gonna like them. Now with Van Nistelrooy there the pictures is complete!! :D


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ASHOOR said:
? Shamirum: a legend in the making (or already there for some of us) What a year this was for her. She almost won the ?Female AVNer of the Year? even going against someone like Atourina. Her views were expressed and posted in the best way possible. Did a great job in moderating, but like always, not everyone was completely satisfied with her moderation (shhhh)  Had a lot of fun with her, and the other mods and admins in our own ?Staff Forum? Can be a pain, if you forget to pay back her Assyros!  And her SS idea with Renee? just genius, and a complete success, even if it was in its first year.  She has an amazing knowledge about almost anything we talk about, and if she doesn?t, she will ask many questions or just keep reading to learn. Great and lucky to have her as many others.  She is as AVNish as it can get.

:blush2: :blush: :blush2: :blush: :blush2: :blush: :blush2:​

But what do you mean "almost" won?!? Hahaha, you haven't announced the results yet, and there's always the possibility of a tie...  :angelnot:

Thanks for your kind words Ashoor!  :bigarmhug:

And for those few that didn't enjoy my moderating: they're paaakheh! Muahahaha, they're probably suspended or banned anyway and can't read this. I moderate the two most controversial forums of this place, and if you break the terms of this site, you suffer the consequences!  :furious:

But you can see how nice and fun I am in Chit Chat! Secret Santa was one of my favorites this year and I already love Christmas, but Renee and the rest of the participants of SS made it that much better! Thanks to all of them...

I have a feeling that for this yearbook, you wrote most of these yourself, including mine. But you have some secrets to reveal Ashoor, don't forget!  :lol:


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ASHOOR said:
? CAROLINE: one of a kind sweety, sweetheart and lots of sweetness.? Never changed, since day one on this website. Keep it up girl.? Cracked me up with her story about the lady who was pissed on ?Boxing Day?

lol... Thank you!!!!!!!! Wow.... amazing job :clap:... how the heck do you remember all these people....


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?  JooJee: I promise I would get your name right. Heck, my resolution for the new year is to never spell your name wrong anymore.  Such a cutie, and a nice girl, with the same consistent great attitude.  Salem and the rest of our Aussie crews should never hold another gathering there, before making sure this chick is present.  She will make the gathering more fun and worth it, guaranteed.  I would take her over MEAN-E at any day in any Sydney gathering, JK, they both are worth enough of being there.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  :bigarmhug: very nice ashoor! thanks

btw jan is the older sister... hahaha


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"M*A*C*Girl: nice, pretty, and with good English writing. Got at it sometimes with some, in arguments, but hey, we all do it, and sometimes it is the other side?s fault.  BLUEICE is a lucky guy, and vise versa.  I bet you, she wouldn?t mind working at Victoria Secret any day!"

Well thank you :blush2:  "and with good English writing"...why does that fragment crack me up?!  I guess that's a good thing haha


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Linda: another one of those names who had a mere one line last year, but this year, it is a whole different story. Extremely nice and popular on the website, along with her gang. Extremely spamaholic at times, but much like Valantina, she redefined spam to make it more entertaining and less hated.  Her DJ gave people even more reasons to like her.  She worked hard on becoming an Assyrianaire, and her hard work has finally paid off, just few days before the end of the year.  We hope that she will be the first AVNer to post for a picture in front of a volcano.

Thank you Ashoor for the kind words! You have been extremely helpful when at times I just wanted to .... you know

Have a Happy New Year and keep up the good work! :yourock:



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?? ?~*Merooona*~: one of the cutest things on this site, and nicest too.? We couldn?t have enough of her sweet smile in the convention pictures.? When will you get yourself banned again? Good for you for dumbing MSN, no wonder you are doing better in school.

:blush2:? :2hearts:

thanks Ashoor! that was very sweet of you!!? :bigarmhug:
MSN gets dumped during school time for sure Lol


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?  Shamoosey:  very inconsistent when it comes to appearance and attendance, but extremely nice and kind. Still waiting for her to get mad one day. I doubt that day will ever come.  Her and Whatever did a great job representing the English, along with their male counterparts. Hey listen, you keep getting prettier and prettier, so don?t stop displaying these personal pictures in your avatars.  Still waiting for a picture of her together with Whatever.  That would be one bloody cute picture.

i was busy with my last year of uni min hada i wasnt on much  :mrgreen:
but thanks again ashoor another great yearbook and you can see that pic page 23 on my assyriaonline album haha

mwah and all the best for the new year to every1 x

Wigger Will

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ASHOOR said:
? WiggerWill: one of the major highlights in the 2006 convention, lots of fun, nice, and wild too.? Gotta love his funny poses in pictures, especially that one with rams?.as well as his Borat dress in Halloween

Thanks for the comments dude. The convention was awesome and it was one of the hihglights of the year to meet so many cool AVNers. A great yearbook, Ashoor.

Have a great 2007 everyone!


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Atourina: what a year this was wow. At the end of last year, she told us that she would be the most popular member next year, and she has easily kept the promise. Had a little bump in October, other than that, she was the new queen or the new ?BellaMafia? of the forum. All of this and she still has time for a morning job, Lasenza, Jay, partying and more.  The best thing about her? she will reply to as many threads as she can, so the thread starter doesn?t feel about!

:wavetowel: :wavetowel: :wavetowel: :wavetowel:

and i was soo close to be the 1st one on the list... :sadangel:

nice job ashoor... mannn.. my name was mentioned like 10 times throughout the whole yearbook  :razz:


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Thanks for all the nice comments guys, I am glad you liked them :)

For some who will use the browser's search function to find your name, you may be out of luck, because I misspelled many of your names, I am really sorry lol :)



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?  JennieCat: that is what she is, cutie like a cat. Ok, maybe she was too busy for us this year, but that is fine, because the rest was spent on school (and on visiting Western Canada and seeing ?????..and?????. ?) She is one of those who give her opinion in a really straight and serious manner, which is why we enjoy it.  Someone help her get a good cell phone, for God?s sake.

:bigarmhug: thanks ashoor, very flattering. i'm in edmonton right now as we speak lol and as for the cell phone,  MY NEW BABY IS THE NOKIA 6265I BLACK,


Staff member
JennieCat said:
? JennieCat: that is what she is, cutie like a cat. Ok, maybe she was too busy for us this year, but that is fine, because the rest was spent on school (and on visiting Western Canada and seeing ?????..and?????. ?) She is one of those who give her opinion in a really straight and serious manner, which is why we enjoy it. Someone help her get a good cell phone, for God?s sake.

:bigarmhug: thanks ashoor, very flattering. i'm in edmonton right now as we speak lol and as for the cell phone, MY NEW BABY IS THE NOKIA 6265I BLACK,

OMG you are really??????????? wow, you are so modest........if i was in another city, i would have opened a new thread by now haha. De tell usssssssssssssssss about it, unless you want to give us a big summary when you are back. You know I love hearing about travelling about to other cities.

Enjoy it and I congratulations on your new phone, I just searched it, that is one COOL phone, love it!



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Tashi: if you don?t like her as a person, I am sure you will fall in love with her name. ?Very nice, pleasant and of course very smart. ?Doesn?t matter how hard her education got, she was still in a good and pleasant mood. With all the group work she does, you wonder if she still likes to work on her own or with a group?

:giggle: thank you...pleasant mood??????? ?:lol: aya meka mothyalokh nasha..

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