Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2005!

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I just noticed some popular names didn't even ezxist then, like Dunya, Eanna etc. wow

ASHOOR: everyone is wondering about who wrote this line. The answer will come next year at this time and it will shock you all.  Anyways, I know 2006 won?t be a good year for you if Brazil don?t win the World Cup, so I ask every member to pray for Brazil so that they win it again. 

LOOKS LIKE NO ONE PRAYED FOR BRAZIL  :ranting:  :ban:  :bangin:
So are you going to tell us who wrote that now?!? :please:

And eanna's name is mentioned in the last book...  :lol:
Donya and Robin!

This is from LAST YEAR, lol, you two hadn't even really made your mark yet!

Trust me, you are in this year's yearbook... :wink:
FallenAngel: this nice girl has been here for along time now, and she has got one of the cutest avatars in place. 

:clap:i found my name...i feel so special.
robin and donya  :bigarmhug:

ill write urs for you...

atourayagq:  hes from hamilton.. one of the funnest people to party with.. loves drinking and dancing... also a big toronto maple leafs fan.. ewww

donya:  even tho shes only bee here for a few months.. shes very active in all the forums... she loves to spam.. and she loves europe  :giggle:

there u go  :bigarmhug:
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