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Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2005!

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all i have to say is WOW...great job to all involved in creating such wonderful yearbook.

and thank you for the lovely comment :)

? Kekwanta_Marian: one of the founding fathers of the idea of Assyrian Voice, had a great year on AVN, both online and offline. A sweetheart and as real as she can get.


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? CAMPPAIN: do you guys remember him posting about new hair cuts he was trying. Well that was part of his new Public Relations campaign in his come back to Assyrian Voice. I don?t think he needed it, since he has always been a decent and nice guy. Very interesting way of writing too. Oh yeah, did you rip that Iraqi passport yet?

And that post was probably the first one I had in months! FYI my hair is back. To much Assyrian testosterone to shave it everyday.....way to tedious!

Never had an Iraqi passport, but still working on renouncing the citizenship! Maybe one day, but for now enjoying my time at home.

Good job khon


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? BrownEyes: aka ?Pinky?, gone with the wind. Don?t you worry, she will come back one day, she knows we miss her.

? chaldean_ree: brown_eyes?s sister, very nice and often quiet. Seems to come for a few weeks, then disappears for months. Doesn?t know what it means to hate or argue, according to what I have seen.

I will let PINKY know, & thank you who ever wrote that about me & brown eyes lol.


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"RumRum: well, RumRum is RumRum. On the upside, going for his MBA, and still making a big impact on AVN. On the down side, BellaMafia thought he complained too much about things. Finished the year great by getting his MBA, you rock brother!"

what the heck? --- this is my yearbook submission? :p


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ASHOOR said:
? linda: linda from Chicago, wasn?t very busy this year, but then again it was her first year. Girls were nice enough to offer some advise on how she should do her hair. Nice and quiet!

LOL.... its a very important decision :mrgreen:

I was extremely busy with work... but I should have more time now to come on to AVN...

Thanks for the comment and FANTASIC job with the yearbook, Ashoor!!!!
thanks Ashoor for including me, everyone and I are proud of you too. OH YEAH! how come my picture wasn't in the new albums? i sent you two, one of me lookin all intense, and one of me and Marshal Mathers. where are they huh? why huh? what? who? most important when? lol ok see ya

Assy Gal

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HONANA-TORONTO: lived up to his name once again. This Toronto guy has been stuck in the message board mostly. Didn?t go on strike this year because Assy Gal wasn?t there to help him through it. A very nice guy with a good heart.


Assyrian G Fo Lyfe: very nice guy, played in so many contests, and eventually won one of them. Oh, Assygal, have you got his attention yet? By the way, Assygal is a big Assyros Digger (still doesn?t beat atourina though) and Assyrian G Fo Lyfe has so many Assyros. So is that why Assygal is after him?

im after him? :blink:

Cuttie: being assygall?s friend, she found it easy to adopt here. Nevertless, she is what her name says and more. Extremely nice too.

? Lovemoon: Extremely popular in 2005 and even more beloved by people, especially Assygal and Torontonians in general. Very funny too, and oh yeah, great manners. Gotta love her combination of humor and kindness!


? Geeshana: was so active when the new forums went up, but then went flat. I am still not sure if he wants Assygal banned or unbanned?

What happen to him? :giggle:

Now can someone find mine? :ban:


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AssyGal: If this was made two years ago, she would barely made the list. This year? Well she invades the list and leaves a big mark on it. Spammer and Hijacker of the year, and the one to have gained the most popularity in 2005. The highlight of most of this year?s gatherings!



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Thanks Caroline, and akh assy gal if you just knew how much I get pissed when people ask:

"where is my name :ban: "

or worse yet: "thanks for not including me..."

Khacha put some effort looking for your name people :2guns: :2guns:

JK (welcome back shwawty :bigarmhug: ) LOL


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As you can see, your name was probably mentioned more than anyone else.

Care to be nice and give back some Assyros?



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BellaMafia: AVN Traveler of the year? Most posts of the year. Most appearances at AVN Gatherings. For the third straight year, she has been the highlight of AVN. Queen of AVN, and much more. Staring to face some serious competition though!
hahaha u guys adn ur competition.. i'm not scuuuuuuuured.. :french:

thanx ashoor.. great job.. u mentioned me qutie a few times..but what was that promise alky broke?? :blink:


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.CaNdLe. said:
very nice and sweet, and of course, Hip Hop is her source of attraction :rolleyes:

u so nice and sweet ur self :

Ahem, he forgot to add "best assyrian woman period" :yes: hehe

ASHOOR said:
? Hip_Hop_Producer209: I am tired of saying the word ?nice? but if there is anyone that deserves it, it is this guy, because he is one of a kind. He wasn?t only nice, he was there whenever you needed him for any music or gaming questions. The guy lives and drinks music and gaming.

Thank you, aziza. Your generosity means alot. I will continue to help anyone in need. God bless you :bigarmhug:
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