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Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2005!

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? shamoosey: new to the scene but seems like we have know her forever. A sweetheart and one of the nicest, and oh yeah a bookta too. AVN can?t wait for her and a lot of the London crew to be at the 2006 convention in Chicago.

found it hehee


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? Atourina: can you believe, just six month ago, we didn?t know this self-proclaimed ?Assyros Digger? A big big first year for her, and she is already topping the popularity chart in everything. Keeps going stronger. Mjay is starting to think twice about his treatment of her.

MOOT 6 MONTHS!!! more like 4!!!! i sooo rock! :2hearts:

tomorrow.. ill read the rest


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? Riza w Shorba: extremely popular this year, and oh yeah, his name helped even more. Some of his views were a bit too extreme, but hey, the man has lived through it all.

Extreme.....to some!

Politicially incorrect would be a better discriptive word. In any case, I stuck by my beliefs and hey, what happend on the 23rd in Toronto??

Torontonians know. No need to start a fight on this thread :)

Merry Christmas Ashoor! See you soon aziza!


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Guys I am leaving to church and can't answer much.

assyrianlovely: I will get a lot like you tonight, asking me why they weren't included, when in fact they were.

Go look again in the second posting i made.



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assyrianlovely said:
Forgot me. Oh well...........



? Assyrianlovely: lovely AVNer with some great contributions lately in the Serious and Politics forums.


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What ho? I think I just got the longest entry

? Lit33Kevin: Honestly, I don?t even know how to write his nickname, and I didn?t even bother to verifiy. Lots of things to write about him, but I would rather write what others said about him, but that would take me another day. Overall, very interesting posts, weired at times, and according to so many, a big complainer and nagger. But that is what makes him interesting as an AVNer first, and a person second. There is two things he doesn?t do: swearing and lolling, and while we are happy for the first one, we would love to see him do the second one some times.


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steelcity_guy19 said:
you forgot about OH RELY!



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Nat: Talk about consistency and stability; no matter what the year, she will always be the same sweetheart. Her Toronto fans had something to cheer about on Halloween. No matter how much you expect, she will deliver!



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? carro: such a sweet and cute girl, and her cute avatar helped her even more. She is the new face of AVN, and expect her to be there for years and years to come. Let us just hope this prediction doesn?t turn out like others.

aww thank you for sucha nice words ashoor :bigarmhug:
merry christmas :2hearts:


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steelcity_guy19: what a year this has been for him, even though it was his first and even started late. He basically dominated the Sports forum, giving his opinion on every sport. He was also a big hit in the general forum, and many girls were after him. But one girl is really after him and that is?

what does this all mean, whos after me, i can take them alll :2guns:
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