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Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2004


Staff member
Two minutes ago, I posted our first ever AVN Yearbook from 2003.

I just found the second one, for 2004. Enjoy, and again observe the major differences that have happened in 2 years (this was posted in December 2004)

? Senalco: has been quiet active in his demands for reforms at the reforms. Had multiple personalities, but great overall. 
? BellaMafia: what can I say? You are unofficially crowned ?AVN Princess? and if that is not enough, ?the most popular person on the forums.? Very nice and friendly too of course. A Sopranos expert too.
? Jacob: AVN Brazil Soccer Fans Association lost you, but you will be back in 05, in time for the confederation cup.
? Maximus: you are still stuck in the message board? Did you know that AVN also has forums now?
? Vindigo: you are so 2002ish man!
? Shaltee: same as above and a nice guy
? baseema: le daqra, ena qalokh en paletwa, besh spay bet hoyawa.
? PeterVocal: you may have won some debates, but Bush won the election. He is a librarian, but ironically has been quiet loud in his opposition to Bush and his policies.   I see you writing and composing for Ashur and Sargon in 05
? Hunky: do us a favor and turn your web camera off when you are changing man. A nice guy
? MATHMATICIAN: can be found in chat, almost daily after 9 PM ET. Not sure what he is all about since he never talks in public.
? Salem: his appointment has turned AVN into a powerhouse. Not that it wasn?t, but he elevated to higher levels. Keep it up in 2005. A legendary status and extremely professional.
? Tleeqa: the nickname says is all?I bet you, the name will still be the same in 06, because he will still be lost by then. Come back!
? DeePrincess: you had it but you lost it. It is yours to regain it!
? BOOMER: London Knights have broken a CHL record bro, in unlosing streak. What do you care huh? All you care about is for Brazil to win. Khayet!
? GEORGEToronto: the webmaster?s brother although it still doesn?t look like it even after 5 years. Long live MJ (the singer that is)
? Hauleen: A nice AVNer from Chicago, has her own views on many things, but don?t know how strong these opinions are.
? SeXy SiMo: man, this guy/girl is trying too hard. Listen buddy: AVN fame no longer starts from the m.b. But rather from the Forums.
? BRATAKHLEETA: you made the stock market crash of 1929 seem like a walk in the park. Your crash has been harder. It is ok, at least we remember you. Come back.
? Dunya: just like your twin above. In fact, your sister did pop out a few times. Nothing from you recently though.
? Ninos_Bazi_77: mo6out yala?
? Nazik: you are more of a chat person, so people in the forums won?t be familiar with u. But I have one word to say: ESL yourself more please.
? Ammar25: seeing this number grow from 19 to 25 is plain sad. It is either that it is so much fun at AVN and we are getting old fast. Or it is just so bad here, our hair is turning white.
? Bronet_Garag_Ammana: a true chat-to-forum-convert, great guy, and funny too. May soon be appointed as AVN?s official agent in all of Middle East. Sounds like a small version of Phenomenon.
? Phenomenon: has definitely been one of the funniest in 2004. Also one of the biggest contributors to the Music section. And not to forget his live reporting of the situation in Falluja!!!
? ED: no comment
? Ed: no comment
? Ed: again no comment. Sorry just can?t tell who is who. Distinguish yourself people, I mean EDDies.
? PLAYBOY: Haifa Wahbi I know. I almost saw her in my dream the other day, thanks to your heavy graphics you have of her. Quiet popular in 2004.
? Charlene: the name says it all. Or does it? Well, the girl came in late 2004, but managed to make a very good name for herself. 2005 will be a breeze for her in becoming Bellamafia- or AssyrianPrince-popular. Extremely nice.
? Sexy_Walto: do us a favor and educate some people in the chat about your great village. Not now, it is too late. In 2005. Some people think of the word Walto as something else?
? BrownEyes: absolutely one of the best and most improved from 03. 05 will be even better. May be hired as AVN?s Career Consultant. Mashalah she is in a different job everyday!
? HeartOfFeather: stop hitting on rum and he won?t hit on you too. Otherwise, a very nice girl.
? YouWereMyFavoriteMistake: if it is a mistake, then it must be something bad. But it doesn?t have to be, like in your case. I see you dealing with Born2drv in 2005 since he is serious about making some good real estate acquisitions in AZ.
? CP: has started an Aussie trend that will end only when the last Assyrian from Australia has signed up in the forums. Could take more than 2005. Very nice guy.
? Uneek: people have fallen in love with your icon. And the love has been extended to you as well. Very nice.
? Angel: your sister can easily win another contest and give you the gift, because you probably deserve them.
? GreenAssy: I see you winning another contest in 05, probably cash worth.
? JROK: Will AssyGal ease the pressure on you in 2005, or will she press even more. Will have to wait and see. Oh and your hiptop rocks. Still one of the most popular on AVN.
? SpicAssyrian: Your play on the letter C is what Caught my attention and helped you get here, with zero posts!
? SexcAssyrian: see above.
? Mona: 99-MONAAAAAA, 2000-MONA, 2001-Mona, 2002-mona, 2003-Mon, 2004-??.
? AssyGal: underwent an attitude change, became wilder and more unpredictable. But who cares, she is one of the nicest in person and beloved too. Oh and even more importantly, she can read and write Assyrian. What else can we ask for?
? BaniThePrimitive: arguably the most active and opinionated rebel. And of course, he was the best sports contributor in 2004. Can?t wait for his coverage of confederation cup 05.
? NinoslavBirkov: a legend in the making. Although not extremely popular in 04, he is one of those who does wonders behind the scenes. Watch for him in 05.  Already sweeping the polls.
? Honda_Racing_Girl: 05 is the year I will get to find out who you really are. Your constant Bush bashing in 04 gave me some hints!!!
? DUDE: new to the scene but using some carefully manipulated words and sentences, he invaded lots of hearts. Sounds a lot like the old MH MMMMM?
? Ultoma: he sounded a lot like mr.Bean, but doesn?t look like him at all. Will rival the Rums and the Phenomenons for the title of ?Funniest AVNer 05?. Is he the best Assyrian blogger? Read his diaries to find out. Oh and Go Brazil Go.
? Bunzzz: it was a great journey dear and we were sorry to see you falling short of completing it. God bless you and hope to see you stronger in 05.
? Sharon: Same as above.  This wasn?t such a good year hun, may God bless you and your family.
? Kirwish: Just like Sharon and Bunzz above, it was a hard year for you, and all of us AVNers wish you the best and pray for you all.
? Killa Bunny: this girl is so consistent and emotionally stable. She will never fight or get mad no matter what. Expect no change in this in 05.
? Daggo: another extremely nice AVNer, who rose from the ashes of NOL. I think I can call him a legend.
? LightForce: cool name, easy-going, very brief appearances.
? Iris: I thought 2004 would be the year where I unlock your DNA secrets. Still failed. 2005, with some help, will be the year.
? RumRum: according to me (ASHOOR), he was arguably the funniest guy in 2004. Funny, using very little resources and without trying too hard. Did a great job in moderating the forums. People can?t wait to read his interview. Another AVN legend. 
? AssyrianTV: another great crash with no trace of any unbroken pieces left.
? Nat: no need to say anything, because year in, year out, she is the same sweetheart. Of course, she had the ?coolest shoe posts?
? TheGAME: it is not my fault that you can?t play anymore. You have fallen in the hands of a great girl, who won?t let you play, unless she is in the action too!
? GeOrGiNa: cute name, cute attitude, not sure about the new year though!
? Savian82: has his picture in every other album. That is all I knew about him in 04
? Snoopy: extremely nice, yet confusing to most of us. Dimitri still thinks he is an admin.
? Dimitri: what can I say? Made a fool of himself all year long, although he is nice in person.
? Riza w Shorba: made a late run at fame and somehow got it. People still don?t know he is an admin, but that is about to change in 05. An extremely patriotic AVNer. Good sports posts too.
? Assyrian100%: although the name sounds good, few people believed it. 04 has been a rather dark year for you. 05 will be the same. A name change is good.
? ChaldeanJoe: one of all time leaders in how long he has been on AVN. Could be appointed as ?AVN?s Promotional Director? in 2005. Master of private chatting.
? SATANTA: Still going strong. No longer just an admin, but ?chief chat administrator:. A title that should pay her a 6 figure salary in 2005!
? Sargiye81: your ?ewwww? photo with kikhwa gained you a lot of fame. Or maybe it is your friendship with RumRum that has brought you under the lights.
? Malingering: started so great, became a legend, then disappeared. But I am sure she will be back in 2005.
? Ashurina: notoriously Assyrian and smart, at a young age. She will only improve in 2005. Her funny avatar gained her even more fame.
? Replicant: another one of those who made a late run and somehow succeeded. May start the year by being appointed the new ?Music Forum Moderator?
? COOKIE: few years ago, she was labeled ?AVN Ambassador of Peace and Love?, well guess what? She still is, and at an even greater level. One of all time most beloved on AVN.
? AtinEwitKhaye: may sound new to you but this is ?GodIsinmyheart?, arguably one of the sweetest, friendliest and nicest AVNers ever. She must like Tashi by now.
? Lovemoon: Another fans favorites yet with a low profile. Overall, one of Toronto?s most renowned chatters, and will only get better in 05.
? Ilonty: I can?t comment on this one, but I will have a bigger comment in December 2005 for sure. I will however say that she is a pride of Toronto.
? Shoemaker: it is amazing how the NHL lock-out impacted this guy. Watch him come back strong once the NHL season is started again.
? SydneyDuDe: not to be confused with SydneyGuy, was a new and a nice guy on the scene. Will he carry Aussies in AVN in 05? Watch and see.
? Peach(y): An absolute fans favorite and chat legend. Extremely stable, with her articles/stories on the forums being regarded very positively by most AVNers.
? Biryani: the legend of Biryani aka bibir came to an abrupt end when he suddenly got married. But, he can gain his place back at anytime!
? ALEXKhooba: the name says it all. Like in real life, this guy has kept his great personality online as well. 2004 was a year where the Computer/Tech forum got a lot of help from him. Don?t expect any changes to this guy, other than positive ones.
? Azizta: last time we heard from you, was when you asked us about wedding songs. I hope that was a sign of good things to come.
? Michi: another one of those all time favorites of AVN. Although he put a temporary stop to his AVN presence, make no mistake about it, he can come back and be loved at anytime.
? Cherchuneta: your name was somewhat popular in 2004 yet few people knew anything about you. You have the entire new year to show us something.
? Cheetah: I remember the first few days this girl came into the scene. However, I can?t remember when she disappeared. Truly blurry and transparent at the same time.
? Assyriansoul: could easily win the title ?Most Controversial AVNer in 2004? No one still knows what her agenda was: a destructive or constructive one? We will never be able to tell.
? Ninevehan: see above?
? AssyrianAnimator: see above again?
? Atooreta: look above again? NO. A Texan Tkhoumneta. Could do a lot if people listen to her in 2005.
? Audacious: this was a better year than 03. Works amazingly behind the scenes. Although with no official title, he is the unofficial advisor to AVN on many issues. He will be put on a pay-role in 2005 for sure.
? Tashi: new to the scene but her sweet name gave her an advantage. Showed us how smart she is on the Serious Forums. Students will be SOSing her all through 2005.
? Nor-E: the name change gave her an advantage. Quiet confrontational, but according to her, it is done for the sake of a healthier debate. Her love is the Leafs, that is why she is on an unofficial divorce at this time.
? Strawberry Ice: has a lot of similarities to the above , including location, tribe and love for the Leafs. Oh and let us not forget that she had one of the coolest names on AVN in 2004. I don?t mind her being away for 2005 as long as it is school-related.
? GoodFella: one of those AVNers who pop out every now and then with something good then disappears.
? Dr.StrangeLove: what happened to all the hype you created in early 2004? Was it all fake like your name? still a very good contributor to some controversial issues.
? NamelessNarrator: trying very hard to impress won?t impress. What will impress AVNers is when you speak their language. Having said that, she is intelligent regardless.
? Remon_UK: made a great improvement in 2004. Khena don?t blame him, he is getting older, so more cells are being created. Will continue to improve in 2005.
? AssyrianBabe88: made a late run at the forums, only because the chat was down. Don?t expect much from her in 2005. She could challenge me and prove me wrong however.
? Chicago_Jenny: made a brief appearance and went into private mode again.
? Chico: Jenny?s brother. Still lives in the message board. May move to the forums in 2005.
? Ninara: the absolute super star of AVN in 2004. Imagine how much more hype and attention this would have got if it happened in the forums, or chat instead of the message board. Don?t forget he is the chief administrator on the message board.
? Ramta78: a great girl, although with a low profile. Expect a new appearance on the forums in 2005.
? infidel videl: Came late, but his bizarre life stories from Egypt put him on the map. Don?t expect his rising star to fade away anytime soon.
? AssyrianPrince21: the name says it all, need I say more? This guy literally put AVN on the next level with his great effort. Oh and he was also a prize winner after 10 tries on ?AVN Contests.? The more you expect from him, the more you will get in 2005. Expect more games, recaps, and AVN-style soap operas.
? Teffo: hey what happened? You were no.1 in posts and now nowhere to be found. I am sure you will make a big come-back in 2005. But to climb back to no.1? don?t know about that.
? ChooChoo: This girl with those nice eyes made it to the convention this year and people fell in love with her. But now she is in real love! One of the oldest and nicest AVNers.
Lil-irba: stop hitting on Miranda, people are already confused about your gender.  Neverthless, nice and cute, and even better in 2005. Give thanks to youweremyfavoritemistake for your new car.
? AlvenaMaryam: she made less stops this year than she did last year. On a local level, she knows what she is doing, and people love her. L.A is her love and Rita is her other love.
? Rita_Lazar: a great girl, although we needed more stops from her in 2004. She has Alvena, so she has enough of everything.
? TorontoJigga: the search for the ultimate girl will eventually come to a good end. AVN will put the end just like it did to many similar searches by other males and females in the past.
? Shikwanta: remains one of the smartest ladies on AVN, although she kept a low profile in 04. Not sure what 05 will bring.
? RecoveringAlchoholic: here is a guy who underwent a great transformation. Not to say he doesn?t drink because he is certainly ?AVN?s most drunk of the year?
? Gilbert:another funny dude, who has gained good footing in AssyrianVoice.  His webcam picture was also another source of attraction for girls, so even more credit to his name.
? GingerSnap: although more popular on the chat, she made a big name for her when she was the ?first Assyrian ever, to register her name in our new text chat. Oh and she has got a lovely avatar.
? BeBe: genius in making people fall for her and adore her. Lovely, cute and charming are few of the words that can describe her. Oh and girls love her! Master of using emoticons.
? NBL: the voice of religious reasoning and Christian tolerance has been quiet loud in 2004 and that is good. George.W. Bush never failed you brother!
? Creator: it is my duty to at least mention your name.
? Samma Gu Libakh: last year I recommended you changing your name to sound more funny. This year, you will recommend that I pull our of your business, since you don?t want to change this name.
? Honest: honestly I can only remember your name and a few posts on the old forum.
? Lilshushu: another cute and nice girl from Detroit. Boy those Detroit Assyrians are lovely. I hope they continue this path in 05. Ahem ahem!
? SweetAsKandi: indeed she was. But that is about it!
? SweetColaGirl: Hi this is ASHOOR talking. You see how nice I am. I remembered you even though you forgot all of us. How is Senalco doing? He is missing too.
? MeMeUK: the fact that she came back one or two times in 04 is enough, however, we want and demand more.
? SeevanMaroogi: we are glad that you emerged safe from the accident. Drive safely brother.
? MAPLE-LEAFS: Has been very popular offline in 04, and even more TO girls know him now.  Girls, no he is not getting married anytime soon.
? IllwillUK: being from Britain, this guy entertained us all year along with his soccer posts.
? Rexdalezfynest: who cares or believes it anyways?
? Machiavlie: same as above and with the same charming soccer posts. Hope they keep them coming in 05.
? SoccerTalena: another soccer fanatic on AVN, but a chick. May help us attract more females to soccer talk on AVN.
? Sqeeda: He was a big shot in 2002, and I thought I would see him but I haven?t yet. He is from the land of Shakespeare.
? MrBurns: sorry I can only remember the name. Where are you so we can remember you collectively.
? Born2drv: continues to hit it rich, in fact he is about to release his own book ?Becoming an Assyrian Rich for Dummies? Smart, and genius in business.
? Maria 7867: could have acted wild but chose not to. What we saw was the nice side which is the dominant side. Give us more of you in 05. Very cool posts.
? Miranda: what is in a name? one of the loveliest and most charming person. Oh and one of those who love to be entertained with jokes. Nothing will change or effect this exciting B.C product in 05.
? Valantina: it is enough that she was the first one from NZ to land a feet on the new forums. That is what put her name on the map, or else she would be long forgotten.
? Thomas: it is sad that we saw him leave, but it is ok because it is a temporary leave. Was the official anti-Bush voice on AVN. Very logical and exciting to debate against.
? Precious: well you were, but don?t know about now.
? Nanette: a very nice and sweet girl. Found only on chat.
? KhIgGaAaAaAa: your picture along with Bella in Chicago was unanimously voted as ?best couple photo?. Hey they forgot you two are not couple. It is ok, because you have been entertaining enough to most people.
? NICK ROCKWELL: year in, year out, he has always been our best DJ. Oh and I predict that his $5  game will drag on to not only 2005, but 2006.  Do me a favor and send me the $5, I could use it to buy something useful. Use PayPal for fater delivery. Problem is, you don?t know who is talking right now, so just assume it is me Ashoor.
? GodismyJudge: has been all smiles and helpful with everyone. Looking forward to you making the computer/tech forum even more exciting and resourceful.
? Andreos: this guy is from England and has 0 posts. Move on to the next one.
? BratetMichigan: started well then completely vanished, then came back, then disappeared again. The highlight of the year? None I can think of!
? Ashur: has been funny, friendly, controversial and few more things. All in one year. Could hit on anybody, especially the girls. But he makes sure he doesn?t get in trouble. His ?who farts in public? could very well be chosen as the ?most bizarre post on AVN for 04?
? Winged bull: extremely patriotic and has a great love for his nation. In fact in 04 he has been famous for trying to lobby Assyrians to go and fight in Iraq. I still believe his call. Need more like him of course.
? Kikhwa: a person of strong convictions. A strong advocate of more UN role in what takes place behind doors on AVN. Over all, would wish to give Bush a punch or two.
? Kevin: had close to 100 posts in 04, and he loved cars. Can?t remember much more and neither can those who are writing this Year Book. But is pretty assertive at times. May put himself in serious trouble if he continues to post private stuff online.
? Shannia: still the official representative of France on AVN. But she is more than just that. She is a lovely cute girl. For 05, I expect her to be on forums more often.
? JJ: if this was written in 2001 or 2002, we would need one page to describe this legend. Unfortunately, few lines are enough this time. WAS funny.
? Chamcheeta: a very nice girl from Toronto. Slowly but steadily shaping her place on AVN. Had more place in text chat than in forums. But 05 is the reverse or probably an equality between the two.
? Skipper: there have been a great change to this guy. Not only in attitude but location too. He is no longer living in Florida. Yet he still calls AVN his real home on the internet. That is all that matters.
? CAROLINE: year in, year out, one of the most beautiful and nicest girls on this website. Don?t you be afraid to expect more because she will deliver in 2005.
? DetroitKing: he is new to the scene, well fairly new. But his status as being ?AssyrianPrinces?s brother? made his entry so smooth. Very nice too. His signature pictures were a source of distraction at times.  Has a great future on AVN.
? imaginary_friend: 25 posts, not bad. Has been living most of his life in the music forum. Good for you. We need more people in all forums not only in the general and serious ones. People in serious forum? Yea right!
? classybella19: a real class girl. Very nice, and has a big future on AVN.
? Lunatic: mmmmm eeeeeh, not so much.
? Bratiel: one of our loveliest queens and certainly, and as always, one of the most patriotic on the website.
? Charlie: a pretty smart UK kid. Gave some good replies on the politics forum. Maybe very well be the next ?ASUK? or ?Shalatee?
? Sami3224: a pretty nice and cheerful Chicago fella. Has been open and friendly to most and expect no less in 05. Could gain fame quicker by being Rum or Bella?s personal guards.
? Sota_Shaperta: shareh this girl wrote a few posts just so her account doesn?t get deactivated. This is what I (ASHOOR) call a ?good AVN citizen?
? SweetCheek: we could lash at you out of anger but we will keep it. Just by being private doesn?t mean that we don?t know anything about you.
? Dunia: plain sad. Even the twin Dunya was more visible and popular in 05. What happened to your magic from the early 2000?s
? soccer_talenta: it is always nice to have soccer fans. But to have female soccer fans is all the more exciting. Keep it up sister, and Brazil is always the best.
? Python: the snake has been contained and is no longer poisonous.
? Rams: a pretty decent man with some great soccer posts. We expect more Brazil soccer coverage from him in 05.
? DON_Talga: a chat legend that may not be known to some, but he still comes to AVN. We thank him for that.
? TIGER: this Woodbridge girl has been very nice to everyone, although her posts weren?t that many.
? PLAYBOy: a very nice guy, but almost raised hell with his graphic avatars.
? DesertFoxx1: his basketball tournament has united AVNers like never before. A great kid in 2004 and all other years.
? NBL: AVN didn?t mind your great posts and we certainly won?t mind them in 05.
? MrGreenEyeZ143: he has been more popular on the photo albums than anywhere else. Oh and on chat too. Is a veteran of AVN from 1999.
? ramsiN: first AVNer from Vegas. Has been nice but his location would have been enough to put him on the list.,
? Linda: this London, ON girl has been a member of the website since 2001 or so. Very nice, educated but poor when it comes to her AVN participation rate for 04.
? Kooryakoos: I have already talked about you above. uC?
? SHYGIRL: exactly zero posts on the forums for this year. Why do I even mention her name? it is because this Windy City girl has been a member of the website for years now.
? Sqeeda: a nice UK Avner, but too bad not a lot of posts for the year.
? DALALE: one of the nicest and oldest (internet age) AVNERs on hand. But the sad fact is: 0 posts on the forums.
? Holland: Bratiel, GodismyJudge, Boomer and others had to work hard to compensate for your disastrous disappearance.  Happy new year!
? JackieeeUK: still the nice cute girl
? Vertigo: the name change cost you a lot. But not the natural beauty you got
? Claudia: One of the pioneers of long distance marriage through AV
? BigBeautifulEyez: like we had predicted, she had a better year this year.
? Olivia: friend of the above, but only made a few posts on the message board.
? Kekwanta: one of the founding members of AVN, still going strong., We had less of her, but that is fine because even the less is great.
? SomethingToThinkAbout: still don?t know what you want us to think about? Was quiet good in the beginning and nothing ever since. 
? Honana: lived up to his name once again. This Toronto guy has been stuck in the message board mostly. His posting strike was one of the highlights of 2004
? Paul: it was SHORT, brief, and SWEET. Would rather have it long, and sweet. Steel town that is?
? Melka_Ashur: has been missing for some time. Half the people miss him, half don?t. Jrok had a few words for him in mid September after the convention.
? Toronto-Girl: still quietly representing Toronto. Amazing too?
? ChicagoLover: last time I checked, you were still looking?No AVN trace though!
? WesternAssyrian: a legendary AV historian and politician. Had a name change, I think. So some value is lost there. Nevertheless a true smart guy.
? Reality: if I only know where you are
? Myth: the god of wisdom. I have been looking for her since last year
? SweetCaroline: Joined in late 2003, and disappeared in early 2004. We are so nice to still include her. We have a purpose from this though. You will know next year around this time.
? MarkyGino: was very controversial in the last few days, before he disappeared. A pretty nice guy though.
? CARRIE: it was nice to see her register in the forums. But what is the point? She never posted anything. Therefore, we can?t give her much credit.
? Khabooshta1: you too same as above.
? Dinaa: still known by posting once every two months or so. Shorten your intervals please
? XENAAAAA: despite all the hype, still one of the cutest. But hey, where are you anyways?
? Nahrain: again one of those names that lose their popularity due to many people using same name
? Nahren: same as above
? Nahrin: same as above and the one above. But all these three nahrains are good girls from what we have seen. More on chat.
? CuttonCandy: her being Cookie?s sister helped her get this line. Nothing more.
? Hokkah: more have been known about this AVNer besides the fact that he is a male, and from Chicago. BellaMafia is an expert on him!
? Tina: totally disappeared lately. In fact went from Tina to Tintooni.
? Cleanguy: who? Oh right, he changed his name to ?Manuel?. Very nice although controversial at times as well.
? WiseGuy: wise who?
? Secret: who again? I mean I know her but what about you? Indeed, leaving AVN makes you rust. You don?t have to be a metal to rust.
? SexyChaldeanBabe: nice girl from the chat. Wont accept private messages though
? MJay: honestly, I have no comment. He is on and off. ANNIIEEEE should have taken this line.
? RESHA GORA: no longer part of the ?AVN Axis of Evil? with JROK and BUEICE. Their alliance has been broken.
? PrincessNahrain: the voice of the pro-Bush side on AV. Where are you anyways?
? MeMeUK: One of the cutest girl from the UK, but hasn?t been found in a long time.
? Amanda_CHALDO_FOR_EVER: ?The future girl of AV?: that is what we said about her last year around this time. This year we will change it to: ?The past girl of AVN?
? Assyrian10: has spent the year, promoting ?Bandeleros? concerts and parties.
? Saksuka: a nice guy in her first year. Some help from cousin Hunky.
? Yoyo: still ironic you have a search website, yet people are looking for you
? Dalil1: extremely nice, but too bad we had very little of her this year.
? Telgath Belshaser: very smart Assyrian boy. Where is he though?
? ChaldeanNasz: what can I say. U embarrassed yourself for the wrong cause
? zazGirl: such a sweet girl but only know her from one time chat with her
? Assyrian4life: he is from Chicago and can be found in the chat. Oh and ladies, he is a guy.
? MaliktaUK: your high status in 2000 and 2001 made me give you this line
? NahoUK: same as above
? Renia_UK: well almost same above.
? Jane_UK: no difference from above
? Art_UK: much like above and even worse.
? RaymondUK: you still haven?t told me what is it?
? Nocheyeta: keep seeing your name on chat. Promise to come and say hi in 2004
? A2RETA: the Zowaa connection. Keep up your Assyrian pride
? Bella: lovely and peaceful as Sweden is. Cant ask for more. Actually, we could ask for her come-back.
? al: I can feel the heat man. Stood for democracy and liberty all year long. Good job, for me and bad job if you ask the democrats and others.
? AL: Was a big shot in the convention with more than one girl on his side? Some girls privately asking about you.
? Khoobanta: this girl made it to the most popular list of 2001. ever since we haven?t seen her.
? BLUEICE: he couldn?t show nor explain how blue ice or white eyes look like. Hey, hold on. I think he had a name change. But that made him even less popular.
? HotMafia: still in the same ?cold list?, after being removed from the ?hot list? in late 2003.
? Destiny: destiny had it that this girl would leave us, and probably never come back. But we still believe she will, that is why she is listed here. Hey Venus may talk her into coming back!
? VENUS: the name change helped a lot. But then you lost the advantage when you stopped being on a routine.
? Hookah: very nice Chicago fella, together with Bella, Rum etc. gave Chicago its respected image.
? ASHOOR: how much more greedy can you be? Brazil has won the world cup 5 times and you are already praying that they win it again in 2006? Give Germany, England and Italy a chance nasha. Having said that, ?long live Brazil? if that is what it takes to suck up to you!
? xzotic eyez: not a bad year huh. Went from a single chatter to a mom. Great husband, which we addressed above.
? Tutu: hey, you should win the category ?AVNer with the hottest avatars for 2004? But hey I still think you should stick with your own avatar since you are hot enough. Oh and the tan you got, wow ;)
? SwEeTNeSs: hey you Connecticut Assyrian, you earned our respect with your music posts. Will you start the new year with a new post? Keep it up and will find out.
? Siko: of course the highlight of the year was his graduation. Here is another AVNer giving us the best of 2004. Hope to see like you in 05. The only thing is, I will never give up Explorer for FireFox, at least not now.
? Assyrian_Cuttie: almost nothing from this Windsor beauty.
? Maryam: nothing!
? Maryam Y: has already been addressed above, at the very top. With the help of two people, I was able to break your code.
? Johnnnnnnny: an intelligent young guy. Unfortunately, we didn?t get much from him either. Watch for him in the summer.
? Gina Gal Gal: totally dead for 2004. But is she even???.?
? Sugar Baby: rumours had it that you don?t even exist. Now we believe it!
? SimonSays: says what? I am just kidding! Very nice guy, mostly on chat.
? Hallow: made a fool of yourself in 2003, and hasn?t been found ever since. Or maybe changed names to hide your real YOU?
? ACE: A bad bad boy from the days of the voice chat. Has been spotted on the text chat a few times, although it is not credible.
? Vixen: last seen in 2001, but we remember her because of her connections.
? Frank1001: still stuck in chat. Would love to see him on the forums.
? Nadeen: don?t worry no one will take your name anymore
? Enas: huh?
? Flora88: a nice girl from Toronto, Canada. She is only 16 so more to come in 2005, 06?.
? AssyrianVoiceSUCKS: you are on chat more than half the people here, to the point where I remember your name. Congratulations: you made the list. Keep coming to the site you hate, so we will always remember you. People, you may call this ?the best contradiction of 2004?
? Suzan: your name is music to my ears. Hahaha JK
? Khelana: this guy is askig me to ask you to take him off block list. You know who he is?
? Caput: 2005 is the year you will tell us what CAPUT stands for. But hey good job with some posts. I am afraid TUPAC will come back to life, and you still wouldn?t tell us what it means!!!
? GT: nasha kmat ateeqa
? God Papa: the man of controversies for the good causes and reasons. NOTHING 4 2004
? Miguel: a nice and intelligent kid from the UK.
? MusicMan: is this the year you will take a shot at Evin and Ashur?
? TNT: this guy has been on this website since the days of the voice chat. Now his ISP is a millionaire
? MALIKTA.... NICOLE: stop leaving the chat every few seconds?
? ChaldeanHunnie: we remember her for her website, but that is about it.
? dEdEUK: if anyone can remember this girl, that is a victory for her.
? Ramsen: it is time you put the picture on the photo albums and made us relax
? Ron: your picture caused a revolution amongst girls in 2003. But they forgot you so soon.
? Christian: a late late comer into the forums. Early indications are that she is a good member.
? TheOne1: he is new, but he has a connection to AssyrianPrince and DetroitKing so expect some extra boost in populoarity.
? chaldean_ree: new but extremely nice and sweet like her sister, browneyes
? sweetAssyrian: we are yet to experience that. You have few days to show it, or will wait for 2004
? Mesopotemian: good posts but is now gone, don?t know till when.
? sweetlips: see above?.also??this is not something everyone of us can do directly.
? Kiss Me Sweet: three words: WHERE ARE YOU?
? Tyaraya: gabara?. Got to know you more though. 2005 is few days away
? Tyareta: I can remember the time I was in Tyareh, but can?t really remember the last time I saw you on AV
? WHAT: what??? Is that your nickname or just confused? The new year is the year to pull it up man.
? NZChick:  feeling lonely?
? Freddy: not a bad guy, on the chat only though. May cross to the other side in 2005. To the forums that is.
? Jessica: how is your English now? Well it has been more than 5 years now.
? LivingDeadGirl: ever mixed sugar with salt? Ok you get the point. So make the ultimate choice please
? Gabartaa: did you ask the permission of the girl below?
? GABRTA: Did you grant your permission to the girl above? Wild WW is over thanks God
? Gabara: did you ask Ashur?s brother permission to use this name?
? Dabasha: your so popular, some people called it the Dabasha Voice Chat. But now? Who are you?
? BELLAAAAAA: Again, how do you count those As. Wasn?t worth mentioning but it is ok.
? Daliya: first Assyrian to enter the chat from Baghdad? Congratulations if you are?
? CaliforniaLove: a smart girl, with some good posts, although they come very rare.
? Melbourn_Guy: doing your best to restore Australia?s influence in AV. 2005 is the year to complete the comeback. But not without any help. SydneyGuy, Peach, Senalco, Bani and other legends will give you some advise.
? SwedenGirl: wow. I promice 2005 Is the year you will have what you were calling for.
? Chosen_1: no not the new one. I am talking about that aussie from the old voice chat who used to hit on Americans. Oh boy you must hate Howard now huh?
? Alandinho: still a bad boy? It is ok, since half of your name is half the name of someone a lot of us like.
? Danialdo: see above. Both have been lost.
? LindaGeorge: I stopped believing it is really the real one since 0703
? CAMPPAIN: He was such a big hit in 2003. Khena ?marine on AVN?, had to be. But not anymore. He can gain it back, but it is up to him.
? Dabanja: The  second worst chatter of AV ever. But I assume you are grown up now
? Sags: was quiet loud on the politics forum, but has been absent for some time.
? ??g?l?c????: not sure if I already addressed you, but you were such a nice girl months and months ago. Nothing now.
? Basima: le daqra khon, ate hawet basema.
? TOTTI: when it comes to soccer, it more about the game than the looks. So find a new name please. Maradonna would be good. Hold on, I think there is already a name change and is included in this document.
? Peace A Amore: sorry man. If Maradonna never reached Pele?s level, so would Argentina with Brazil
? Elissa: your name is so cute.  Too bad you still didn?t join us in the forums.
? SARGIS: AV was In deep need for some one to balance the equation.
? THIS IS FUNNY: he had a name change but I am not sure to what? A nice guy, but not much influence in 2004.
? VIANA_UK: how can I reach you?
? Lebanese Girl: I can?t smell or feel beauty. I can only see beauty with my eyes
? ASSYRIANdk: Denmark? Hello?
? d-o-o-m-a: doom day is close, so better get ready for it, than be on AVN? I don?t think so!
? Malakha: the year has been rough trying to convince us you really are one.
? Fady: do you guys remember him? I do, because I am so nice. He was smart.
? Katwana d Shere: do you guys remember this as well? He captured many hearts on the chat. But that was about it. He has sank in AVN?s waters and never been recovered.
? VINDICATED A.Y.:  a picture is worth a thousand words. You joined in last days of the year yet your picture gave you a great boost. Very nice girl. Make sure you set 5 not only 4 alarms for your exams.
? Anastasia: nothing?
? Tanya: nothing. Well I think nothing, unless she changed her name or popped into the chat a few times.
? ChaldeanBlondie: this guy was asking about you in the chat some day in June.
? WoodBridge_Guy: enough racism man. Woodbridge, Brampton, Mississauga, doesn?t matter, they are all part of GTA. Who are you anyways?
? Ashetnaya: gone is the great Ashetnaya of the old voice chat. You will have a hard time replacing it. Keep trying?
? JewelsinChicago: new but extremely nice and well-behaved. Wouldn?t mind having a dinner or lunch with her one day.
? Emil Sulyman: you are amazing in what you do. Assyrians? gate into Linux.
? Marroush: still waiting for that confrontation with Nameless Narrator
? Happy Girl: may you always be happy
? Barishta: time to hit ?Sleep Country? to change your mattresses, boy you have been sleeping since 2001.
? Dragon: second or third Assyrian with a black belt? Will wait and see.
? SandyBell: so cute. That is a cartoon isn?t it?
? Nosa: what a big difference between Amman and Manchester huh?
? Khoshaba: I am not afraid if you ever leave us; your name is easy to recognize as an Assyrian even in an Indian or Senegalese chat.
? LindaBellati: you wont go by without teaching me belati in 04
? Linda: the spirit of Christmas has been spread and we are infected too now.
? RideOrDieChick: unfortunately the ride is over. We want HB back. That little yet legendary AV chatter.
? FREE: There is no such thing as fee lunch. Say hi to Linda. No not the one here
? Rexdale_Chick: will you grow up. Act like you do in real life. You can do better.
? CASPER: no wonder you have been invisible for some time now. Man talking about lost souls
? TheCalling: taking the daytime shift in its entirety and more if you can. Need a raise for 05 from AV
? CutiePie: this Cali. Girl drove some guys crazy with her exotic voice. Last rumors were that she hit it with Dabanja in the 2002 convention. That is all we know.
? Assyrian_7arami: you have another friend above (genawa)
? Nor-E: if you need to sue someone, you come to her. In 5 years from now or so. Loves the Maple Leafs more than they deserve. She wouldn?t mind punching both Bettman and Goodnaw, she knows why.
? ToRoNtOgIRl: not to be confused with the other Toronto_Girl, this girl has long been forgotten. Dating back to the ancient days of the voice chat, she once drove Tera?d?Khooba crazy when she told him ?let me French kiss you baby.? Has been in hide ever since.
? BRAVE HEART: as brave as you are, you never were able to talk in public. Atleast I didn?t see you.
? SANDRA: this Brampton AVNer was a popular hit in early 2000s. Nomore. Was a very nice girl. Don?t know if she still is.
? BARRANA: extremely popular offline in Toronto, but no more online.
? Aiwa: where has the greatness disappeared? DeVon and AV are both calling
? Noah: isn?t my memory so good to still remember your name. Am I not a great person to still remember you as a person?
? Nina500: the number is what saved. See below. A very nice and educated girl.
? Nina: see above. AV is not responsible for any conflicts of names
? ~Chicago_Girl~: she was a big hit with 1classy?s company. The key word is ?was?
? 1 azizta ashetneta: no luck in 01,02,03,04 but hopefully 05 is the year to make it
? Angel_UK: hey where have you been? You and that ginger DeDeUK
? AsSyRiAn^LeGeNd: Now that AssyrianCentral is folded, you are no longer the center of attention in Melbourne. It is ok. 04 is the year to start it again
? FoXyChick: winning Ms. Assyria title is what helped you make it.
? RUFFRYDER: a very nice guy from the UK with some very intelligent sports posts. United till death!
? ???`??????then?????`???: Madonna won?t help you
? BIRQA: You have been switched off since 02. Expect to see you ON in 05?
? CHiCaGosAzizTa: so many pictures on the albums, but nothing on forums.?
? Chitownz Fabulous: the angel has been missed. Since last year.
? DVD: talking about extinction?believe it or not, this guy was an admin on the voice chat in 2000. Kma ateeqa la?
? Raed: Ironically representing Nineveh at Assyrian Voice. Live from Iraq 04
? ?v??  ?~????: your days were numbered in the voice chat. Someone is waiting for you
? Abul Eeeesh: as silly as you were sometimes, so have some people missed you.
? A.K.47: remember me? The one who?ahh har shoqla pshena?
? Xx~FELICITY~xX: I understand your sadness. Beckham is no longer there
? GENAWA: one of the pioneers who introduced a new style of language in Assyrian Voice. Come back when you have something new. Notoriously good when it comes to colorful language.
? Gibbi: I thought this NOL veteran was gone, but he made a good come back in late 2004. Expect more from this great Hamilton Keyboardist in 2005
? SHAPIRA_82: back just like every year, though with ZerO posts. A Swedish chatter again.
? TheWiseOne: One of the highlights of early 2004, and that was about it. Is indeed a wise one.
? Helena: your image on the beach is still on our mind. And so is your amazing tattoo. But you are not. Because you are not here. I doubt 05 will bring you back.
? Christina: come with your cousin above, but you have better chances of doing it.
? ThirstyNinos: arguably one of the most popular and beloved on the forums. Had an excellent year, got along great with everyone.  Along with ASHOOR and others, is the the biggest Assyrian supporter of Brazilian soccer on AVN. A classic guy. Oh and no longer has to shovel snow in Chicago, since he moved to hot and dry AZ.
? Baggio: expired in 2002. If you changed your name, let us know in the forums.
? Ludikristen: hey, where is this cute teacher from NZ? Bani may know more.
? SexcAssYriAn: your visit was very brief. I am sure your second come back is in sight. 04 to be precise.
? AssyrianMOM: I am proud that you haven?t forgotten your culture.
? MALIKAT ALHAYAT SARDINIA: so? Will you ever appear again?I thought you were larger than life
? Melina (twin): so? Still challenging your enemies. I doubt it. She is a different girl now
? Kelina: see above or repeat after me: still challenging your enemies? Has changed as well.
? ~Miss~Thang~: the thong song. That is how popular you have been in 03
? Night: unfortunately you only come out at night, so we can never see you. Hold on. You didn?t come out even at night in 03?it is ok, BLOCK has been used by everyone in 03
? NightCrawler : Assyrian Voice can be used further more to further your business publicity in 04.
? Ninwaya: man I can?t believe we haven?t met in so long to the point where I forgot you from 00 till 04. But I promise to remember you in 05
? AssyrianEmpress: you can?t do much defending after what we have seen in last 4 years.
? OnLYGoDcAnJuDgEmE: hey this guy is popular in general because he has the first picture on the albums. But overall, he is being as unpopular recently as the movie ?Alexander?, probably worse than ?Glgli? (sorry AssyrianPrince22). Maybe even worse.
? Poor Rich Girl: Tell Roseta we missed her just as much as we missed you (see below)
? Roseta: tell PRC that we missed her just as much as we missed you (see above)
? Punzy69: still leading the great Assyrian Kings. Propssssssss
? DoDoToronto: missed your jokes both on AV and Paltalk. More great songs for 2004
? Shater: way yala kmat msarana. Hal dya khshawen
? Tera d Khooba: your voice still on my mind till now
? R@W@Y@: do you remember me?
? Annoshky: ???, actually wait, someone above knows where you are.
? BambinoGuy: kudos to you for the great dad you got and your great PS skills. In 03 and forever
? Khigaaa: was quiet a hit in mid 2004, wish his voice chat appearances, famous picture with Bella and of course his love for Jenan Sawa.
? ChaldeanChick: zeros really don?t make a difference, but 1,2,3,4 do. Don?t know about 5 though. 01,02 were good, 03 wasn?t. Will see what happens in 05
? Danisuryoyo: He was an intelligent guy with some good debates. No more.
? Drammendudu: you are still alive? Amazing.
? Impala: I have already addressed you above, but again and again I say it: why do some things erode just like that? I can?t believe you have disappeared completely just by passing from two simple numbers: 02 to 04
? KingSargon: all the glory of those voice chat (Phase II) has been lost.
? EESH: had a clear and sometimes loud voice on the discussion forums. Was also part of ?AVN?s Toronto gathering in June of 2004.? Nothing ever since!
? Woxow: w02Wyes, w03wNO: w04wNOOOO, w05w???
? Ziggy: just like I was telling your friend above, you guys are so fragile. You can only survive with your VOICE, and not with your ability to type your feelings
? SHEDANTA: do you guys remember her? She was so popular at one time. Her name has recently been removed from the ?waiting list for an avn interview? shareh she got tired of waiting. Over 2 years.
? Subby:London, Ont?.
? Ashley: Ontario is enough.
? Rakhmanta: a very nice girl, can be found in chat. May be seen on forums too in 2005.
? NONTA: ?nice girl, together with Amanda, noora, lunatic, maximus, mather, ninos, and others will help raise the new generation at Assyrian voice? Hold on, that is a quote and is from last year!
? Perladk: kmat cute, hamasha ktawa bet souret gu chat
? Sweet_boy_87: no longer believe that he is the future of AVN.
? Diamond_7: your name did help a bit but not a lot.
? Someone: if he was only someone then, imagine what is he, now that we don?t know where he is.
? Yala_Nasha: was in voice chat in mid 2000. Never to be found again. He is from California. Anyone?
? Assyrian chick: non-existent, but see below (a twin) (shhhhh, they come under other names)
? AssyrianGina: non-existent anymore too, see above ( a twin)
? Roman: am I and Ashoor and the other one online the only people who remember this guy? Did he change his name or just no longer has internet?
? 3agrab: he had a weired voice man.
? Hard_Kiss: your name was attractive enough to make it to the list of 03
? Atouraya_4_ever: long live your and your name. 03,04,05 and forever.____!
? 504boy: a voice chat kid veteran that is no longer. Ended his AV career at 16. Probably won the lottery. Will find out in 04
? Zazoo: oh boy oh boy. Those voice chat veterans will always have their names stamped on our mind.
? Yogi the Bear: I know a lot of the new people don?t know you, but Honey can do some explanation.
? ZAMARA: You are in the wrong place khouri. 1st: it is a text chat and not a voice chat. 2nd: even if you could sing, most of the people are sleeping. JK
? Hard_Kiss: your name was attractive enough to make it to the list of 04
? AssyrianVoice: lots of power in hands, yet a fraction of it is used. Use more in 05
? Playboy_UK: try something that will make you more popular in 05. Not only a name change but attitude change too
? Blah: blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
? Lisa: welcome here Devonian or suburban Chicagoean. Same!
? TOSS_MY_ZALATA: Sure, but it is very early. You are new for now and can?t serve you or help you?whatever that means?well wait till next year.
? Romeo: Remember the time you were banned because your brother was swearing using your computer? What a lesson that was!
? QTpie: Nice Toronto girl.  On and Off, so not much going on.
? Sailormoon: you didn?t know this was coming on, but you are lucky you wrote something on the website in the last few days. So your name made it. THAT IS IT! Oh hold on. Didn?t you change your name to????
? Rodana_1: the funniest of the funniest. Too bad you can only talk.
? MR GRIMM: good man, but we almost forgot him.  Who else can remember him, let us know in the forums.
? DooshaNZ: seeing her pictures in the last photo albums release, man this girl has changed a lot. She got really good looks now.
? Cracker: again one of those names who ring a bell but nothing more.
? Seniorea: not much?
? Rami_NL: BOOMER no longer need your help to learn Dutch.
? Baz_King: representing baznaya with dignity and respect
? Melka_Ninos: nice guy. That is all I will say for now?
? Tucker 16: not much, but I am sure and hope he is Tucker 17 now. Oh yeah Tucker sucks, sorry Strawberry Ice and Nor-E from the forums.
? Liz: you had it and you still do. Good girl!
? JuJu: will be hired as the first lawyer to represent AVN in 2005.
? PrincessMary: what a lovely sweet girl. Been the same since 2000. Keep it up AZGal.
? pRiNCeS: fairly new to the scene, but has established a good ground in both the chat and the forums. Could rival some heavyweights in 05.
? 1ClassyGirl: if your absence is due to your studying, I hope you never come back. Best of luck.
? Za3eem: Ok, you got in, you annoyed her, and left. We hope you stay more next time, even if you want to annoy anyone.
? Zac Vee: has been a major hit although he has been quiet lately. Don?t know what impact he will have in 05. His picture puzzled some, don?t ask me why.
? Rebelrebel: has been steady all year long, with a few posts every week. His interview on here gave him an extra edge. Oh and let us not forget his hard work in Assyrian arts.  Was also made fun of for attending a concert for an old band!
? KrayZ: one time I was in chat and I met this girl. She was so nice, and I thought she could easily be a big shot on the forums. She never made it. But she can and may do it in 2005.
? KingofMic: not that he is part of AVN anymore, but his name was a big thing in mid 2000 to early 2001.
? KingofNothing: your earned your spot here with your nickname, that is about it.
? Alexandra: nice and cute girl from chat. A shame that we know her and she doesn?t know us.
? atouraea_khelana: a smaller version of Bronet_Garag_Ammana. Had 17 posts on the forums but was pretty known on the chat. That is not a bad balance.
? MicieBlueEyes: takes someone as nice and with a long memory as me to remember you. Me and probably another girl above, are the only two to remember you. Man, I have a special section in my brain dedicated to ?AVN Memory?
? Rosalinda: nice name, great attitude, sweet words.
? CoOKI3: new to the scene, and a nice guy. Only problem: his standard Ronaldo is the kid from Portugal and not the real legend one from Brazil.
? Annieeeeeeeeeeeeee: don?t worry, relax, we would never forget you dear. It is one of those ?Last but not least? Look at the way we wrote your name. We challenge you to find an extra or a missing E. Anyways, this girl has been fun to chat or discuss things with. Watch her AVN stock skyrocket in 2005, due to a popular demand. Her, along with BeBe may become the new ?BellaMafia and Bunzz? of Assyrian Voice. That is if B&B allow them of course!
And no we are not promoting a ?B&B? vs. ?B&A? competition. 


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?  Peach(y): An absolute fans favorite and chat legend. Extremely stable, with her articles/stories on the forums being regarded very positively by most AVNers.



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Kevin: had close to 100 posts in 04, and he loved cars. Can?t remember much more and neither can those who are writing this Year Book. But is pretty assertive at times. May put himself in serious trouble if he continues to post private stuff online.

Hey hey, for the last time, georgina KNEW i was posting that :beee:


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L33tKevin said:
Kevin: had close to 100 posts in 04, and he loved cars. Can?t remember much more and neither can those who are writing this Year Book. But is pretty assertive at times. May put himself in serious trouble if he continues to post private stuff online.

Hey hey, for the last time, georgina KNEW i was posting that :beee:

kevin u love cars??!! i swear i dont remember u being a feen posting car pics and what not  :blink:

and waht did georgina know?/ im nosy  :giggle:


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BeLLaMaFIa said:
kevin u love cars??!! i swear i dont remember u being a feen posting car pics and what not  :blink:

and waht did georgina know?/ im nosy  :giggle:

Haha, I used to big into cars but I never posted much about it, and I remember what ashoors talking about, i supposedly "posted private conversations" from MSN between me and georgina, but it was text chat, so :beee:


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Ashuriena said:


are u serious?!! lol... u know how long i've been saying that and nobody's corrected me?!! hahahahhaa.. :thankyou: im stupid  :blush2:

kevin i remember u and i teaming up and fighting w/ someone online who said some bad things towards another member..thsi was ages ago but i cant remember what the issue was or who for that matter  :giggle:


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BeLLaMaFIa said:
are u serious?!! lol... u know how long i've been saying that and nobody's corrected me?!! hahahahhaa.. :thankyou: im stupid  :blush2:

kevin i remember u and i teaming up and fighting w/ someone online who said some bad things towards another member..thsi was ages ago but i cant remember what the issue was or who for that matter  :giggle:

:giggle: Phew! I thought you were going to punch me in the face for that! Hahaha, but yea, I'm serious...it's "fiend"...hahaha. I just noticed it now.


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Lovemoon: Another fans favorites yet with a low profile. Overall, one of Toronto?s most renowned chatters, and will only get better in 05.

:) I wonder if I am still the same?  :mrgreen: 

Assy Gal

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?  AssyGal: underwent an attitude change, became wilder and more unpredictable. But who cares, she is one of the nicest in person and beloved too. Oh and even more importantly, she can read and write Assyrian. What else can we ask for?

U know ..i have a diff attitude this year
I change every year...HAHAHA!


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Serenity said:
Killa Bunny: this girl is so consistent and emotionally stable. She will never fight or get mad no matter what. Expect no change in this in 05.
i miss my old nickname :(


damn, I remember those days at Babylonking......I think you are the most mysterious person I have met online!

I still never saw your pic!


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Serenity said:
it's your fault  :beee: if 2 years a go your bus didnt leave so early you would have seen me  :shades:

btw, look at my avatar!  :mrgreen: that would be me in big lines

What can I say....AVN stoled my heart  :imsorry:

hmmmmmm i will only accept a REAL pic!

by the way you speak dutch la?