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Assyrian Voice Yearbook 2003


New member
BraTeiL said:
Ashoor, where is my name??  :blink:

I am an AVN member since early 2002 :blush2:
don't worry I am not in the list either, but not sure if i was one of the missing names or never exist in this list. lol


New member
damn he forgot the die hard people.....I hope he can find the other list or else he will be in BIG problems!! :shades:


New member
Bunzzzzzzzz: how can I forget you? Was that enough? Wait for 04 for more. Actually no, it is me ashoor asking for my portion of pacha lol

Say whaaa :blink:


New member
Hukkah: all I know is that he lives in Chicago, lives football, eats and drinks proline

"hukkah" looks like a jewish swear word, and I have no idea what proline is.  :whaa:  Other than that, its spot on.