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Assyrian TV and Radio Stations


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Please use this to list any Assyrian TV or Radio channels you know of. Include their website and any other information you may know about them. This should make it easy for people to access this list at all times.

-Nineveh Radio
24 Assyrian Music, Cultural and news radio, broadcasting online and can be listened to using Real Player, Media Player, WinAmp and QuickTime player.

Assyrian online TV broadcasting from Sweden, showcasing sports, culture, music and more...

Assyrian Babylon Radio
Assyrian Babylon Radio channel I and channel II, are two Assyrian online radio Channels broadcasted by Assyrian Youth Media in Denmark, and Assyrian Babylon Radio program on FM 98,70 MHz broadcasts its programs live every Saturday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm and 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Assyrian National Broadcasting
24Hr Assyrian Satellite Station which can also be watched online via their website.
Watch live here: http://www.anbsat.com/watch-now

Assyrian Radio from Chicago
Assyrian Radio Program: Monday through Friday / 8 PM - 12 AM Central Time

Assyrian Radio iPhone App
Listen to 24 hour of non-stop Assyrian music, online or on your iPhone

Ashur TV from Baghdad, Iraq
24/7 Assyrian TV broadcasting from Baghdad, Iraq

AshurSat from Australia
Online Assyrian TV programming from Australia

Ishtar TV from Ankawa, Iraq
24/7 Assyrian TV from KRG region of Iraq.

Suroyo TV from S?dert?lle, Sweden
24/7 Western-Assyrian dialect TV.

Voice of Assyria
Radio Program of AUA Australia. Broadcasting every Wednesday on 2GLF 89.3 FM from Sydney, Australia

Assyrian Radio from Iran

Assyrian Radio of Canada
Weekly show, with Assyrian music and songs, and community news and events from London,ON and the World.

Ashur TV from Baghdede / ????? ???? ?? ??????

or from your iPhone: [url=http://www.shoutcheap.com/mobile/ashurradio]http://www.shoutcheap.com/mobile/ashurradio

Assyrian radio programming from Baghdede in Nineveh Plain, Iraq

MyOomta Assyrian Radio
24.7 Online Assyrian music radio.