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Assyrian influence in the Far East


There's probably a thread on here about that already, but I'll make another one because I find it super interesting.
The Sogdian alphabet was originally used for the Sogdian language, a language in the Iranian family used by the people of Sogdia.[1] The alphabet is derived from Syriac, the descendant script of the Aramaic alphabet. The Sogdian alphabet is one of three scripts used to write the Sogdian language, the others being the Manichaean alphabet and the Syriac alphabet.[1] It was used throughout Central Asia, from the edge of Iran in the west, to China in the east, from approximately 100?1200 A.D.[1]
Other scripts used in the area came from this as well.


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Interesting. Haven't heard of the Sogdian language and I didn't realize that there were Indo-Iranian languages that used a script derived from ours.

Beforehand, I only knew of Turkic languages such as Mongolian having a Syriac-derived alphabet.