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Assyrian Convention 2006

Will you be attending the 2006 Assyrian Conven?

  • Yeah ill be comin

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  • Dont no Yeat still more time left

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  • I need to find out if me friends are goin first

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  • Were ever Assyrian girls go-i go

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  • Mot Soda

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  • !!!ALLOW IT!!!

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  • Im Lost

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Hey all, how u all doin hope u all have a nice merry xmas and a happy new year. I was just woundering how many of you lot will be goin to next years Assyrian Convention and though id post a Poll to see the figures.



Active member
im going!!!!
i havent been to Chi town.. ( i know i know :blink: )
ill see ya there deeeeee

i cant wait!
i want to meet more AVNers :bigarmhug:


New member
:jawdrop: cant believe you havent been to chicagooooooooo! theres SO MANY assyrians down there its great!..or is ittt.. :hmmm:


New member
LOOL Tashi! No worries guys I will help you locate Tashtooshy..And Will don't you ever dare do that again, just leave me and after couple of years you remember our friendship!

Tashi, I still can't get over that day at the wedding us dancing on the khigga together for good couples of hours and in the enddddd of the night we finally knew who was who! LMAO!