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Assyrian, Chaldean, Syriac Churches Directory


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Here is an excellent link from the 'Assyrian Society of Canada' listing most Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac churches in Canada including cities of Toronto, Hamilton, London, Windsor and others.

Assyrian Church of the East

    The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary
    161 Skyway Ave. Toronto, ON M9W 4Z5 Phone: 416 213 0344
    Parish Priests: V. Rev. E. Audisho, Rev. Yousif Sermez

    Mar Zaia Church
    182 Hale St. London, ON N5W 1E8 Phone: 519 471 7217
    Parish Priest: Rev. Kifarkis Talo

    The Church of Mar Mari the Apostle
    63 Stone Church Rd. West Hamilton, ON L9B 1A1 Phone: 905 575 3842
    Parish Priest: Rev. Younan Marwan

    Mar Thomas the Apostle
    631 Giles Blvd. E Windsor, ON N9A 4E3 Phone: 519 915 4533
    Parish Priest: Rev. Benjamin Benjamin

Chaldean Church

    Good Shepherd Chaldean Church
    Chaldean Way - 2 High Meadow Place Toronto, ON M9L 2Z5
    Phone: 416 746-5816 Fax: 416 746-5850

    Blessed Sacrament Church - Hamilton
    East, 37th Street 305 (corner of Upper Gage and Fennell) Hamilton
    Phone: 1-905-977-4880 Fax: 905-645-5654
    Parish Priest: Rev. Father Said Bello

    St. Joseph's Portuguese Roman Catholic
    2451 Old Bronte Road. Oakville
    Phone: 1-905-977-4880 Fax: 905-645-5654
    Parish Priest: Rev. Father Said Bello

    Holy Family Chaldean Church
    686 Marentette Ave. Windsor ON, N9A 1Z4
    Phone: 519 253 8740 Fax: 519 253 1542
    Parish Priest: Rev. Father David Bafro

    St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church
    89 Charles St. London, Ontario N6H 1H1 Tel:519-204-9430
    Parish Priest: Rev. Amer Saka

Syriac Orthodox Church

    St. Barsaumo Syriac Orthodox Church
    72 Birchmount Rd. Toronto, ON M1N 3J6 Phone: (416) 694-4500
    Parish Priest: Rev. Father Estephanos

    St. Behnam Syriac Orthodox Church
    1428 Royal York Road, Etobicoke, ON M9P 2A8
    Phone: 1-905-385-8365
    Parish Priest: Rev. Youhanna Ishak

    St. Mark Syriac Orthodox Church
    1202 Dunsmure Road, Hamilton, ON L8H 1L4
    Phone: 1-905 544-5956 Fax: 905 544-5956
    Parish Priest: Rev. Youhanna Ishak

Syriac Catholic Church

    St. Joseph Syriac Catholic Church
    999 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5E 1E5
    Parish Priest: Rev. Yousif Abba

Ancient Church of the East

    Mar Gewarges Church
    510 Rowntree Dairy Rd. (Nineveh Club), Unit 1, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8H2
    Parish Priest: Rev. Deudoros Moghattas

    St Shmooni Church
    100 Clinton St, Hamilton, ON L8L 3K2
    Phone: 1-905-545-6602
    Parish Priest: Rev. Ninous Ibraheem

Assyrian Evangelical Church

    Assyrian Gospel Church
    3065 Ridgeway Dr. Mississauga, ON L5L 5M6
    Parish Priest: Pastor Joseph Gilyana




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Can everyone provide us with their local church address and contact information please so I can post it here and create a directory for it.