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Assyrian Books


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ASHOOR said:
POTENTIAL: The Assyrian Quest for Identity: What does it mean to be an Assyrian from a Christian perspective?

Paperback  ? September 17, 2015
by Steve Netniss (Author)

[/What does Christianity say about ethnicity? This book is a retelling of the biblical story with an emphasis on ethnicity, along with an overview of the Assyrian people. It is written to Assyrians and Non-Assyrians who want to take a journey into the past that will help us to have new conversations about the future. This book will retell the story of the Bible and help us to see how the first Christians interacted with their own Jewishness. The Assyrian language, culture and memory is slowly disappearing. This is an engaging book with wide-ranging impact on how this ancient, Christian nation, formed thousands of years before the writing of the Bible, can deal quote]

Click here to buy it!

Looks promising but you should know ASHOOR, I'm making my own book right now :)

You might post it here someday =3