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Assyrian band Azadoota


New member
I found this rather obscure Assyrian alternative folk band (which has Latin/Salsa influence) that was formed in 1996 by Assyrian Australian percussionist and singer Robin Zirwanda. An interesting thing about the band is that he is the only Assyrian member in the group. The rest are Europeans (namely Anglo-Celtic Australians) who play the instruments and would vocally harmonize in the Assyrian language!

I am very grateful for this band. It needs much more exposure in the Assyrian community. They have performed in (non-Assyrian) music festivals in Sydney and Adelaide. People who attend their concerts there are mostly white Australians (rarely us). It's ironic that out of all the "big" Assyrian artists like Evan Agassi and Linda George, this rather unknown Assyrian music group has been the most exposed to foreigners.