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Assyrian artist Labib George: I loved singing in the Kurdish language

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Article in Arabic and the translation sucks.

he artist says the Assyrian Iraqi Labib George that he aspires to become a big star in the art world, to bring the name of the Kurdistan high, and shows the artist who sings is also available in the four Assyrian, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish in the interview, the following interview with the correspondent of the Kurdistan News (Rn) that he did not find any difficulty in making himself a Kurdish singer in technical circles.

Labib George * Discover how George Labib artistic talent?
* In fact, because the discovery to a Sunni I am the first, and I'm getting encouragement of those around me to sing, and actually started the day discovered the fact that I had the talent, which has strengthened my faith, and decided to T. that scrub this talent to see later myself in the eyes of encouraged me and push me to the the world of singing, and I was influenced to a large extent Balmatarb Turkish Ibrahim Tatalis.

* Know how to sing more than one language? But you choose the Kurdish reasons for that .. What?

* Indeed, I Wajid singing in four languages ​​and Arabic, Kurdish, Assyrian, Turkish, but I loved singing in the Kurdish language because it is the language of my country of Kurdistan, who lived in it since my childhood, where I did not find any difficulty in functioning because of the follow up to the artists, the Kurds more than others, and this is after me significantly and made me love the Kurdish language and Kurdish art, so I did not find any difficulty, despite being Ash in the provision of a singer myself a Kurd.

* Sung in Turkish, but also?
- In addition to watching the Kurdish art, in fact I'm going up artists Turks So I wanted to give something in Turkish.

* Who are the poets and composers who cooperate with them?
- There are many poets who cooperate with them, but the more my work was in collaboration with the poet creative Shaaban Solomon, as far as the tunes, I love to be a distributor for my work, I prefer to Hen for myself and do not hide that I would love to cooperate with Mr. Artist's speech Artoshi distribution music and make a decision very, very important to me, especially being a student of the Master at the University of Kaslik in Lebanon in the field of music.

* Where Hflatk revived so far and what is provided by the lyrical nature?
- Hvlaty so far been limited to Iraqi Kurdistan with concerts in Lebanon, where the songs were quiet and classic musical and modern pop.

* Where to see George Labib wide audience among the Arabs, or Kurds, Amalocurien, Amaturk?
- In the Kurdish community in the first division, after a piece in the middle which I belonged to him because I had already sung in Arabic, Turkish, and I guess I'll find me a place in the two communities also in the future.

* If you want to choose what character you choose: Artist Kurdish, Assyrian artist, an artist Arabic, Iraqi artist or prefer another recipe and why?
- I prefer to be a star of the big stars and I carry the name of Kurdistan, this is the place to which I belong.

* As we know you visited Lebanon to participate in the Holiday Nowruz How did you find this participation and the participation of Kurds in the festivals?
- Yes. I have visited Lebanon in the Nowruz holidays and participated in singing with my artists and I liked it a lot and I liked the concert, the audience loved and prided itself as being himself a Kurd from Iraqi Kurdistan.

Q: What about Ntegatk Professional?
- Produced in 2006, Buma Achurea In 2007 Buma also Achurea In 2009 after winning the program Bnujomih Rica Stera (the stars), which conducted VIN TV channel and the channel has produced album after winning the title Cole Lee Fein ((GOL VIN)).

* How do you evaluate art in the Kurdistan region of Iraq?
- Art Kurdish Bjamalith known and is in development for the better, and this is what will make him a bright future in particular, especially with the availability of great interest in art in the region and beyond.

* What are the major technical your activities now?

- Pastime frankly very few because I do not have the possibility, but I'll do what I can to be completed some actions, such as clips, in order to satisfy the Republican dear, I do not hide here that the experience of the video clip was for me one of the best experiences I've had an experience that prepared very very important for the emergence of the artist and contact with the audience through the small screen.



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Poor guy he try to sing for Assyrian first and no one paid attention to him. So what do you expect him to do NOT sing at all?
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