Assyrian Alexander Aoraha playing for Iraq at U-20 World Cup

Iraq played a very good game and has so many shots on goal. But despite that, and Tunisia being a man down, they still lost 3-0, a result that is very deceiving based on how the two teams player.
Iraq played a decent game and managed to get a 0-0 tie with England, and are thus out of the tournament.

Despite scoring no goals, Alexander is actually getting high praise from Iraqis in general and soccer pundits. I just ready this FB in which the poster says that ‘he is only played with high emotions and intensity and did not stop, but he also had a fight with the English national team players while living among them and holding their nationality. With this this, he challenged anyone who says that locals play with more passion and intensity than expatriates.

Bani, who is at Brighton, do you have more info on him?

Looks like my information is old information. His name is Peter Gwargis. He was born in Sydney Australia but grew up in Sweden. He transferred to Brighton in 2018 but was released in 2021 when he returned to Sweden to play for Malmo. He has represented Sweden at Under 17 and Under 19 level but a few years ago when playing for Brighton, he mentioned to Matt Ryan and Aaron Mooy (2 Aussies that were playing for Brighton at the time) that he was born in Australia and that he would happily represent Australia if asked to do so. I have barely heard anything about him since then.