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Ashur TV is back to Baghdad, Iraq!


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I couldn’t believe when I read the headline but it appears Ashur TV is coming back to Iraq, under the banner of ANBSat, with a new headquarter in Baghdad, Iraq and new TV crew.

If you recall, Ashur TV opened in Baghdad over 12 years ago but had to shut down a few times before going offline for good due to lack of funding. Then ANBSat kinda took over from California and been broadcasting last 11+ years.

Will be interesting to see the format the new channel follows, and whether it will be educational, cultural, political or more religious like is the case with the new Alsyriania (Syriac TV broadcasting under the Iraqi Media Network from Baghdad).

Ironically, despite our people having a historically low presence in Iraq at the moment, we have never had more TV channels operating at once

-The Syrian Channel (السريانية)
-ANBSat (Ashur TV)