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Another reason why Brazil 1970 team was the best in history


Staff member
I was just reading about the 1970 Brazil WC team and it hit me that in addition to all the reasons we have heard about being best team in history, did you know or think about this?

-They best Uruguay 3-1 in the semi-final, the last Copa America winner (1967)

-They beat England 1-0, the last WC winner from 1966

-They beat Italy 4-1 in the final, the reigning European Champions from 1968

Simply amazing how dominant this team was!

Crocodile Bani

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The greatest team ever in many people's opinions, though Pele (who was a veteran of the 1970 squad) rates the 1958 Brazil team as the greatest to win a World Cup. Pele was 17 years old in that world cup and scored 2 goals in the final. Not to downplay Pele's opinion, but as a 17 year old, he would have been awestruck by his team mates, and being part of the squad that won Brazil's first would have made an impression on him.