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Angola has banned Islam and demolished 60 mosques!

God bless Angola!

The country has over 60 mosques and 500 000 Muslims as the numbers have grown over the years since then the government has banned islam and the religion is not allowed to be practice!


New member
Islam does not even exist in Angola the Muslims in Angola are immigrants from neighboring African nation who are not legitimate citizens nor are they ethnic Angolans by descent. The country was founded as a communist state in 1975 when they gained independence form Portugal. Hence the government was irreligious. By 1992, with the Iron Curtain gone, the country became de facto non-communist but still maintains a loosely communist system. dos Santos became the leader of Angola in 1979 and continues to rule to this day. 85% of Angolans are Christians, 52% are Catholics and Catholicism is the unofficial religion of Angola. They have maintain the communist flag to this day. 


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As long as they don't stoop down to the radical Islamic person by being violent towards (normal) Muslims then I'm fine by that law.