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An Assyrian Painter in Australia - Trying to find.


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Hello All!

My church had prints of modern assyrian paintings of a guy named Yousef in Australia... Does anyone know his website, how to see his work, or contact him?



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Crocodile Bani said:
Sorry, I don't but I don't live in Sydney where the majority of Assyrians live in Australia.
You know, come to think of it, I have family in Sydney, I will email them. Thank you! If I find anything I will post it up here for all.


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Renee said:
Is the painting BY someone named Yousef or OF someone named Yousef?
Allo Renee, It is By someone.

I saw two prints... one was of the palace entrance done in a sort of renaissance style (multiple colors/layers).... and the other was a more metaphyiscal painting with the head of the bull and a sort of blue curtain (drawing from recollection) that cascades across the canvas.

Have a great day everyone!