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ADFA accusing AMO of treason


ADFA accusing AMO of treason (video in English)

David William Lazar, Chairman of the American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) and co- founder of the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation (RNNF), says that some Assyrian activists are accusing him and ultimately, the AMO and the RNNF of treason against the United States and its interests in Syria.

These are, among others, Carlo Ganjeh, Secretary of the Americas chapter of the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), Steve Oshana, the US representative for Nuri Kino?s organization A Demand for Action (ADFA) and an American named Matthew VanDyke. These argue that the AMO have collected money to support the Assyrian militia GPF which they claim have been trained by Hezbollah, which in US is classified as a terrorist organization. They claim that the GPF collaborates with President Bashar al-Assad and thus Iran. They argue therefore that the AMO harms US interests by putting Americans and their allies? lives in danger in Syria.

David William Lazar denies the allegations as baseless and says that the funds raised were to help the families of the martyred and injured Assyrian military as well as to purchase desperately needed medication. He claims that these people run a Kurdish political agenda by Dawronoye?s MFS and that they oppose independent Assyrian initiatives in Iraq and Syria. He says Nuri Kino has the ultimate responsibility for how his representative in the United States is acting. Lazar also urges Carlo Ganjeh to stop throwing stones at his neighbors? homes when he lives in a house made of glass; referring to the fact that AUA Secretary General Yonadam Betkolia is a member of the Iranian parliament.

Assyria TV has on several occasions offered Nuri Kino to come on the program and to reply to such statements and we wish to make it clear that he and others mentioned here are welcome to contact us.

I hope this internal conflict will not escalate further and that they will try to work with each others...
This conflict only serves our enemies interests.


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ASHUR said:
Just when I thought we couldn't take our ignorance to another level.
At this point, I'm pretty much convinced that we need an Assyrian dictatorship just to get our heads in one place...


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We oftentimes think about if we have hit rock bottom or have predispositions of fear over having hit rock bottom, but I think this time we really did. TBH, I am not surprised to hear that Carlo Ganjeh is the culprit of cataclysmic internal crisis in the Assyrian-American community?yet again. I have spoken early and often about the disadvantages of taking this individual (or the AUA as a whole) with any legitimacy. I have said it before and I?ll repeat that Ganjeh was the culprit behind the political power vacuum and subsequent consolidation of political power by the AUA in LA. The consolidators of power were weeds grown from waters out of the hose of Carlo Ganjeh. Certain individuals, like Steve Oshana, want to demolish any all legitimate Assyrian political frameworks and then bask in the glory of their obese master (Ganjeh) when it is all said and done. In the last visit of Ganjeh to Los Angeles, Ganjeh showed up at the church and was treated like a demigod. After the insanity there concluded, Ganjeh flew to San Jose where he encountered a historic torrential monsoon a few hours before touching down. This was the sum of Ganjeh?s past actions as deciding his fate; it was karma hard at work. Ganjeh singlehandedly has turned the Assyrian community of Los Angeles into North Korea. Steve Oshana knows damn well what he is doing, and Nuri Kino likewise knows about the treachery which Oshana?s actions pose in collaboration with the diabolical Van Dyke.

ADFA is the PAC arm of the AUA. Whether it was from the beginning or if Kino was monetarily bribed by the AUA used the KRG as a middleman is up for discussion, but KRG cash is rolling like a cat in springtime grasses amongst both ADFA and AUA leaderships. It doesn?t matter whether ADFA is a joint venture or merely a political mouthpiece; the endgame is that the AUA is using ADFA to extend its reclusive authoritarianism upon the Assyrian community against the will of the people. Regardless of his instincts, Kino would be a madman to not fire Oshana and replace him. This is a litmus test as to whether Ganjeh?s intention is to use Kino and other ADFA functionaries as mere lapdogs of the AUA. The GPF, like many militias in Syria, happens to be pro-Pres. Assad. This doesn?t make them collaborators with the Syrian government, but this is a God-given right being exercised to hold a preferred viewpoint during this bloodbath in Syria. I believe that those supporting the GPF in America understand this and view this viewpoint as being an averting of a new holocaust again the Assyrian people in the Levant, specifically at the hands of ISIS, Al-Nusra Front, and other Turkey/GCC-funded jihadist organizations.

The AMO and RNNF mustn?t be judged for their views, but rather on the content of their work and the authenticity of their nationalism, which personally wouldn?t doubt for a moment.  Yonadam Kanna also happens to hold the same views, the same goes with Shiba Mando and other ANCI leadership figures, and many ACOE or CCC clergyman and Prelates. There is necessarily nothing wrong this political view. Meanwhile, Carlo Ganjeh and Steve Oshana happen to be pro-FSA. They are merely attempting to leverage the US stance in favor of the FSA to take down an Assyrian political rival using extremely vulgar and nefarious political astroturfing, notwithstanding that they themselves are the traitors who seek to feed to governmental authorities those with whom they disagree who happen to be their own flesh and blood. The founder of the AMO is a man I have encountered oftentimes and whose patriotic zeal I grew up admiring. I can tell you all extensively about whom he is, but five words will suffice: he is no Carlo Ganjeh.     


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the western governments are the ones that betrayed the Assyrian people. we fought for those bastards in BOTH world wars and BOTH times they abandoned us and helped our enemies. and even in 2003 we were part of the Iraqi "northern alliance", only to be ignored again. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me... we assyrians have been fooled by the western governments multiple times throughout the 1900's which resulted in MULTIPLE genocides for our people. how stupid are the Assyrian people to keep believing them, do we have no dignity to continue kissing their feet every time they come around calling us "allies". how long are we going to consider the western governments our allies.... they are our ENEMIES! they are removing all the groups that are providing our people stability and replacing them with genocidal terrorists. they sent "non lethal military aid" (high tech electronics, lasers, gps, night vision goggles) in addition to heavy waeponry to the "moderate rebels" that then defected over to isis, and they have been sending in billions of dollars of weapons to so many other groups in the region and not even a single bullet to assyrians. the western nations have made it clear, they have no intention of seeing our people exist anymore. the sad reality is that countries like syria and iran are closer allies to our people than the "freedom loving" west. the western, "anglo" nations have been one of our worst enemies in our peoples history. we should ONLY worry about whats in the best interest for the Assyrian people, and anything else should be considered treason. all these people that harm Assyrian organizations for the sake of the west are collaborators of the west and traitors to the Assyrian people. if you want to work with them to get something for our people, then fine, but at no time should your loyalty be to anyone other than the Assyrian people. I don't advocate anyone breaking their host nations laws, but their loyalty should be to assyrians FIRST.


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Carlo Ganjeh and his benefactors have finally fully revealed their despicable true colors as perpetual traitors in the course of the last few weeks as they have attempted to trigger off discontent against Assyrian nationalists by convincing the people that the anti-Kurdish Assyrian nationalist stance will lead them into catastrophe. All the facts go to clearly prove that Carlo Ganjeh and his benefactors are thrice-cursed traitors unlike any other before them as they desperately worked for years to destabilize and bring down Assyrian nationalists by employing all the most cunning and sinister avenues and methods. No matter how much water flows under the bridge, the lineage of our ancestors will remain unchanged and irreplaceable. Our people will never pardon all those who dare turn against the great Assyrian race but bring them to the stern court of history and mercilessly punish them on behalf of the martyrs, no matter where they are hiding. Our nation has now confirmed that Carlo Ganjeh and his benefactors aim to violently overthrow Assyrian nationalists from their positions of authority by ideologically aligning themselves with our enemies, which is an unpardonable crime against the Motherland and her children both at home or in the diaspora, and henceforth in unison vehemently condemns them for the wicked political agents and perpetual traitors which they are. The epoch and history will eternally record and never forget the shuddering crimes committed by Carlo Ganjeh and his benefactors, these enemies of the Assyrian people and heinous traitors to the Assyrian nation. In the name of the martyrs, the revolution, and the people, we hereby request that Carlo Ganjeh and his benefactors be banished from the Assyrian sociopolitical sphere including those holding spiritual office be released from their pastoral duties effective immediately.