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ACSSU 2nd Annual Boat Cruise. Toronto. Aug.27,2010


Staff member
ACSSU 2nd Annual Boat Cruise - August 27, 2010

If you didn't go last year, be sure not to miss it this year, where you will have a great and unforgettable time. All those who went told me they had a great time last year.

Let me know if you need tickets. We completely sold out last year, and had more people calling us to get more tickets last minute. So we are not just hyping when we say "get your tickets before they are gone"



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I went last year.. it was a blast. I will be going this year as well  :wavetowel: :wavetowel: :wavetowel:
Ashoor, I will need some tickets later.. not sure on the count, could be about 6+ of us


New member
This sounds like fun. I went to the Arabic cruise a few weeks ago and we had a blast. Count me in and please reserve 6 tickets for me.