Absolute Tragedy in Iraq: Assyrian wedding fire leads to 110+ deaths in Qaraqosh (Baghdeda) , Iraq - FULL COVERAGE

Interview with the groom and his thoughts about the whole experience of the last few days, including how his wife has yet to say a single word since this tragedy happened.

And this one is a more in-depth interview with the groom's brother, in which he reveals a lot of details
Video shows Iraqi minister of immigration and displacement (Evan Faeq, who is a Christian) being kicked out and sent back by the families of those killed, while visiting the hall) - this is due to her being a part of Rayan Al-Kaldani's political group (long story that I won't get into here for now)

A bit of good news, in the sea of negative news from last few days: the famous young boy seen with spark falling on his head - likely the first one to be affected by the fire - is actually alive. What a great news!