A Surprise For ASHOOR!!!!

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First of all, i'd just like to thank everyone who participated, and for those of you who didnt  :ranting: :ranting: thanks for nothing... but please, feel free to add ur submissions to this thread...

Ashoor,  since u've been doing a kick ass job at running AVN for all these years, and u spend so much time bringing us photo albums, contests, yearbooks, etc., I decided to do something special for you.. and with the help of shamirum (mind u again this was all my idea  :blush2: ), we ended up PMing all active members, asking them to write a paragraph or so about you...

Since u delivered an amazing yearbook for all of us to enjoy, I figured maybe u'd like your very own yearbook... sooo, here it is... ENJOY!!  :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :yourock:

atourina - Ashoor is one of those people you just can?t dislike.  Sometimes, he might seem a little too nice, but that?s the great thing about him, he knows how to keep his cool at all times.  Even though he doesn?t party, drink, or like to dance Assyrian (or any kind of dance), he still knows how to have a good time.  Thanks Ashoor for the awesome site... I hope you?ll appreciate this as much as I think you will  :mrgreen:

shamirum - Wow, first of all, I must simply thank you for everything that you have done for me in the past year. From a simple message that made me smile to giving me help when I asked, you have always been here when I needed you most.

The dedication you have put into this site is impeccable Ashoor, and I remember a few months ago telling you that you are one of major reasons I keep coming back and it's true. Because of you, I have made friends with people all over the world, I have discussed issues important to my life, and I have grown to appreciate and love my people more and more because of all that I have learned.

You have trusted me with a part of your site for months now, and I feel honored. There have been times when I was very upset about something, but you always found a way to make me laugh and feel better about it. Your support means more to me than you'll ever realize, and you are more amazing than I can ever explain with simple words. God bless you and may you soon find the success you so deserve; you are already a shining star to me!
:yourock: :2hearts: :bigarmhug: :huglove: :bigarmhug: :2hearts:  :yourock:

baklawa - Ashoor is by far one of the nicest people I've e-met.  Absolutely nothing gets to him!  He has the patience of a saint and the shrewdness of Donald Trump. His AVN is the best creation since chocolate.  I don't recall ever being more addicted to another site since NOL.  It is simply the best run Assyrian site there is.  Ashoor, akhlanwaleh ow libookh, you are the sweetest soul I know -- even if you are a Bush-loving republican!!! :bigarmhug:

Assy Gal - Hmm what can  i say...nice guy...he goes  out off his way to help ppl....comes from a nice family. He's been my neighbour for many years  :lol: ...he's to nice to ban ppl...but he did ban me once for spamming the whole avn once  loool! oh and can i have some assyros while u're reading this ashoor?

dlty01 - So, what do I think of Ashoor, ey? Ok. I'll play. Ashoor is a conservative Assyrian-Canadian, with more opinions about Bush than most Americans have (expect my diatribe about Stephen Harper shortly). Being a liberal, I should dislike him, as I question the intelligence of most conservatives. However, I have never seen such a dedicated, disciplined, and reasonable Assyrian guy his age. No joke. That's actually kinda sad when I think about it. Ashoor has created, in my opinion, the only Assyrian forum that's worth anything. Plus he really seems to care about its upkeep and discipline. But then again, he's a conservative....Plus he still doesn't know my gender. I guess he's a'aight :yourock:

JennieCat - I met Ashoor a couple of years ago and he was everything he is online: sweet, considerate, poilite, and genuine. I'm glad Ashoor constructed this website with the help of others because many well relationships have been built because of him. His battles w/ shoemaker and love for Brazil is always fun to read online. Any woman who hooks up w/ this fella will be one lucky girl. I hope his ambitions become realities and his love for people, God, and Atour stay strong.  :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: All the best, JennieCat.

Godismyjudge -Although you like Real Madrid and you like Brazil and I don't, I still like you. You are the genius behind this website. And without you I wouldn't met any of those cool/friendly/genius etc. people here. And people should thank you for that. I will and I hope to be here forever! Thank you very much ASHOOR and God Bless YOU!! :yourock:  Is that good?  Greetz, Daniel

Driv3r- Ashoor, You are truly the cyber Assyrian king of our times anyone who works so hard to bring Assyrians around the world together gets my vote God bless you for your patients (must have been a monk in your past time) hard work and dedication.  The rapport you have with your users is unbelievable you know everyone personally and you have a gift to see past peoples bad qualities only concerning yourself with their good qualities.  Just as long as Ashoor is taking care of AVN true unity will be a reality among our borbestah umta.  God bless, Driv3r

BLUEICE - I dont know what to say about this interesting character they call "ashoor" for 1, he is officially the ONLY canadian in the history of the world who is NOT anti-american or anti-bush which leads me to believe that he is an alien being from another planet. and the fact that all his stories are so dramatic in how he titles them. For example on the title of a post he will write ..."most unbelievable thing I have ever seen" and when you open it he is taking about how he say a brown cat run up a tree and how amazing that was. Anyways thats my story and im stickin to it.

asH- Ashoor - The 'Godfather' of AVN and the one who controls everything if he wants to but then again he is not drunk with power or is he?? *suspense music plays in the background* Anyways he doesn?t cause he is one of the nicest guys I?ve ever met (on the net anyways). Another thing I like about this guy is that he always puts his name in every thread. Oh and he knows a secret about me and I?m still waiting for that secret. But finally, one true Assyrian that is dedicated to giving a good service to all Assyrians around the world and bringing them together and all at no cost, he even provides us with prices, I know cause he sent me $20 once. :yourock:

J-ROK -there was a time when ashoor was mad,  6 years ago he would ban me when i was very fukin bad, but now ashoor loves my chicken wings, he fell in love so now he sings... johnny way johnny ateet sheedana, mashakil deeyokh qam masrikheelee ana, bayin makhinokh mooshta gu nakheerokh satana.  and then johnny started singing, ashoor ya ashoor ana raba e bayinookh
ana ou khawirtee le hawikhwa in lewa qatookh, gu khloolee bayin khazinokh rqada, dweeqa ree**** khgaa ou khaboosha b eedokh, sap ateet barwarnaya yulla shooshla teezokh.  thanks for everything ash!!!! you rock man.

Moja Moja - Is he Assyrian or Brazilian?  Perhaps he is both.  He is of course our Ashoor.  This Ronaldo loving, Brazil dreaming, George Bush adoring, Donald Rumsfeld admiring, Saddam hating webmaster is everyone's friend.  The only person in AVN history to never argue with anyone.  In 20 years when Assyrians finally have a country, Ashoor will be Assyria's ambasador to Brazil and will be begging Ronaldo or Romario to be Assyria's coach.

Angel2 - I don't know if I can describe Ashoor in a paragraph because he deserves more?..He is probably one of the nicest guys I?ve ever met because he is always willing to take time from whatever he is doing to help you out. Words that describe him are smart, creative, hard working, kind and loyal. Just think about it this way, if it was not for him, many friends would not be made. He gave all of us all an opportunity to stay in touch with the Assyrian community and for that, we should be grateful.

MACHIAVELLI - Ashoor: A great guy and always looking to help in any way possible. Is always willing to engage in a discussion no matter what the topic and is always able to remain respectful towards both supporters and the opposition. However, like everyone this guy has his negative points, I mean c'mon supports Real Madrid, need I say more? 
Your great work doesn't go unnoticed :) , Machiavelli

ChooChoo83 - known him since he opened this site a great guy hes very helpful and talks about khaboyshed barvar a lot  lol  :baby: ashoor ur the best

linda - You are absolutely a great friend.  You are thoughtful, nice, smart and truly an amazing person! I want to thank you for AVN.  I have meet some great people from here and they have become my very good friends.  I could of not done this without AVN.  You work very hard to make everyone happy and you deserve a vacation... hey I'm going on a cruise or Hawaii this year... you can come with me :mrgreen: I wish you the best in whatever it is you choose to do! You deserve it! ~linda

JooJee - Ashoor what can i say about ashoor, his a great guy in general and has done so much for his fellow assyrians just by bringing people together on Assyrian Voice. :)  Finally got my name right haha :bigarmhug: . Just wanna say we appareciate all you have done for this site including all the contest, yearbook & photo albums that all come out within a week of one another :yourock: just shows the motivation you have to make this site grow! :winkkiss: so thanks for all you've done, Happy new year!!  :thankyou:

Assyrian_Sweetheart - Ashoor: He works so hard to make Assyrianvoice.net the best assyrian site online. Thanks Ashoor for everything! Not only has AVN brought Assyrians together but also  friendships have begun. Its all because of you Ashoor!!! You Rock!  Now all you have to do is come to ALL the AVN gatherings :p

Malka_shomana - ASHOOR: Hard worker both on AVN and outside AVN.  Awesome man to talk to, always hooks me up when i go to his work :razz:.  Hes posts are random sometimes but their intresting :lol:.  Hey Ashoor, even though brazil didnt win, i still think their the best team! :mrgreen:  I hope in the future we seem him more at gatherings :wavetowel: .  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BROTHER :yourock:

chaldean86 - Wuts up Ashoor - looks like you're not the only one who gets to write about us - now its our turn to write about you :devil: - haha dun wry, only good things can be said about you
- A genuinely nice guy. Always willing to go out of his way to help others - Like the time i needed an xp cd, and as busy he was with his work and other stuff, he offered to meet up with me so he can give it to me (btw Ashoor, i got it from a friend a while back - thanks anyways)
- Never loses his temper - bro i wish i was more like you in that aspect
- Has respect and treats everyone with equality - makes them feel welcome and an important part of the AVN community/family

charlie - Ashoor : Great guy, I love his point of view, though I dont always agree with it, but, hey kheena we're Soorayeh.

assyrianlovely - Ashoor-----The Eternal/perpetual NICE GUY---haven't seen him get angry in 3 years!!! Not even at me! LOL (He must have a really clean liver!! LOL, get it, liver controls emotions....) I always say, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and by Ashoors actions alone he is a TRUE CHRISTIAN. Excellent Role Model.  I hope to be just like him when I grow up one day or when my liver is finally clean! LOL :yourock: Much love and many Blessings,  A.L.

BeLLaMaFIa - ashoor we laughed, we cried, we had our good times, we had our bad, but overall.. ahhahahhaa did u actually think i was gonna go w/ that?? lol.. :p any hoo just wanted to tell u that i'm forever thankful and grateful to u and this site cuz i met sooo many ppl and made the best of friends all thanks to u.. half my trips wouldn't even exist if it wasnt for u, MEANING i'd be one miserable person.. ok maybe not miserable but i wouldnt be able to see and travel as much as i have.. :D wow this is so cheesy!!! but ur a great guy and thank u for everything especially that pic u gave me, its still on top of my desk hehe.. keep up the good work and please please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase get rid of the assyros!!!! (atourina's posting this i wonder if she'll delete that part out lmao! )oh and making me MOD was a great move.. cuz i dont thikn i would've stuck around lol! no im kidding.. oooo and btw can u once and for all tell shamirum that I'M ur favorite.. she's somewhat in denial and its annoying me..hahaha ok that's enough im oozing cheese as we speak.. bye bye!! =D

deedee - One of the nicest and sweetest guys i know!!-Come from an amazing and hard working family! Very helpful, and willing to do anything to bring Assyrians from around the world together!! A VERY hard worker, especially the last few days-photo album, year books, and the assyrian voice contest! Spends long hours on this website, trying to make sure everything is right, and user friendly for us!! :blush2:  Makes sure everyone is happy and satisfied-tries to please everyone!- Now who would do that!? HUH! I think.. Ashoor is the reason for the season!!! :giggle:

carro & R O B I N - Even if he is so busy with his job and real life he put so much work and energy on this site to make it better and better.  Thanks to him so many people have met thru avn around the world, find the true love or find some relatives.  Always post interesting threads even if they can be too long sometimes :giggle: Help's people and try to find solutions to stuff.  He is like santa claus the year around,  always gives away assyros :giggle: Seems to be a great guy and would be nice to meet him in real life.

Ludikristen -Ashoor: mate you'll go down in history for starting AVN, and rightly so, for all you've done connecting the Assyrian diaspora (and a few other randoms like myself). In particular, 2006 saw you giving us even more photo albums to pour over, a new layout for AVN (yeah, I know we all complain about changes at first), continuing your trend of starting extremely random posts, and learning an alternative meaning for "Bush"  :shades: (thanks to a thread started by Blueice). Thanks for being so dedicated to the AVN family and spending what must have been AGES single handedly writing the 2006 AVN yearbook :yourock: (do you keep secret files on us all or something ...?) ~Ludikristen~ 

Hookah -Ashoor, well what can we say.  Another year with a lot of work put in.  He updated the music section, added more albums, did more interviews and contests, and created a new online currency.  He edits people's dumbass posts, tries to be diplomatic with all of the retarded fighting that goes on, and he always does it in the nicest way possible.  I honestly don't think anybody else could do what you do Ashoor.  All I ask is that please, for your sake, your family's reputation and for all the apple loving Barwarnayeh around the world, don't buy a purple car.

CAROLINE - Ashoor- The nicest guy I know!! Dedicates all his time to this amazing site, and only makes it better each year. He's also the only one I know that has so much patience to help me when I get my blonde moments working a computer!!

jan - ASHOOR thank you for including me in the year book and i Believe you are a very Genuine and devoted person who i Believe have contributed alot of time and effort in making the AVN a great place for assyrians around the world . ASHOOR, AVN would not be the  same  without you.  regards, jan

Ashuriena - Ashoor, I don?t think there is any way to completely express my gratitude towards you and all that you have done for the Assyrian community. With your generosity, you have helped build a community that has linked us all together and banded us as friends and family. We have all come to know each other so well, we feel connected as family. Some of us have become best friends, some of us have become lovers and all of us have gained knowledge and pride in our small, yet brawny community. You have given us all of this and more and yet you continuously give and give with your munificent heart. You have done more for this Assyrian nation than you will ever know. I, personally, would not have been able to find my cousins (PrincessMary, l33tkevin, dsbabygirl) without this! There are honestly no words to describe how lucky we are to have you. You are a legend of our time. Khayit Ashoor! Not only will we always love you, but we will always cherish you! - Love, Ashuriena

rumrum - ASHOOR, Thanks for all the hard work you have done for AVN.  I bet when you first started this site, you had no idea that it would grow this big!  Now AVN is worldwide, over 1,000 members, and more features than before.  Having been there since the beginning, I have had the priveledge of watching this site develop throught time and it is truly a product of your hard work and dedication.  So, for 2007, I wish you and all the other AVN members a happy new year and keep up the good work!  Ramsen aka rumrum

ultoMa -  hey ashoor you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey ashoor!  Actually, you don't blow my mind but you do a damn good job at running avn and giving us a medium through which we can make fun of each other (and all that other gay **** like making friends).  Anyways, basima ganookh and may the fork be with you, because i know damn well you eat pacha with your bare hands.

Wigger Will - What can I say about this guy that hasn't already been said? He's one in a million. If it wasn't for him, I would not have met the AVN friends that I made at both the European and Chicago conventions. But the main reason I respect and admire Ashoor is because he is a fellow Real Madrid fan! Thanks for such an amazing site; keep up the good work bro and God bless!  Wigger Will

~*~Merooona~*~ - Ashoor is amazing! The end. Lol I'm just joking.  Ashoor is great, not only does he dedicate alot of time into the website but also into the members too. I'm always so impressed by how much he remembers about everyone. The smallest things i'll mention in a post and a few months down the road he'll remember! He's also very kind to keep up with my constant demands of banning me and unbanning me so I can focus on school. I've only met Ashoor once and very quickly at the halloween youth party in 2005.. but from his dedication, hard work, kindness, and big heart.. we know that Ashoor is one exceptional Assyrian!  Keep up the good work Ashoor... we are blessed with such an amazing website and the team of people behind it.. all thanks to you :)

thirstyninos - ashoor: what a great name to a great guy,a great friend and agreat brazilan fan :football: .thank you so much ashoor for this great website, throught it got to know a lot of great ppl.keep up the good work khon may god bless you :yourock:

Lovemoon - I've known Ashoor for so long, and it's been my privilege to know such a fine person, so kind, smart, funny, and friendly. I wish him great success in his future. I know he will do very well in whatever career he chooses. I want to thank Ashoor for all of the fabulous things he does to make our lives filled with wonderful things such as this website and all the great stuff such as the yearbook, photo albums, and everything else he has done for years trying to make members happy. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be meeting such nice people online who are our own people, from all around the world.  We should all give him credit for doing all of this and taking so much time from his own life just to make the AVN website the best Assyrian website. One last thing I want to say is that we all know that Salem is the best administrator, but Ashoor is the best of the best,  :razz: <-- to Salem  :LMAO:

riza o shourba - I may scare you with my posts, but you always impress me with your dedication to the website. AVN has come a long way and you should be proud of the amount of people you have connected worldwide. But one thing is lacking, which I hope you'll change this year. YOU NEED TO COME OUT TO PARTIES MORE OFTEN!!!

Younan - Well what can we say about this guy? We all love his random posts. I think we would make a good double act, now that my "weirdness" has been exposed in the thread "Younan". I can order chai, and ask for church wine at the bar, whilst Ashoor sorts the food out, asking for "pizza without cheese".  :ROFLMAO:  One thing that only I have picked up on is his sexism!! Ashoor, just because a woman knows her politics it doesnt make her a dude! (ahem Dlty01) haha!  :mrgreen:  A great guy, funny posts, and also very smart to set up such a complex website. We are forever thankful, for bringing together the Assyrian youth community. We may have no country, but what we can achieve is Unity and togetherness. So for that Ashoor, you have served our community and made our nation very proud.  :yourock:

Winged Bull - Ashoor, enigmatic Ashoor.  An enigma, wrapped in a puzzle, wrapped in a question mark (so I've heard from somewhere).  Reading his posts I think that this cat is either not playing with a full deck, REALLY thinking hard about stuff that no-one typically does (like - there were no cars on the road today, and it felt like the Second Coming of Christ.  Or, I just love the Texy Fexy Mexy Chicken Wrapped in Sac Skin Quiznos Samoon Surprse....Hey...maybe they SHOULD make a Samoon Surprise....wait...if I tell them, they might think I was a terrorist because I'm from Iraq...hey....what's that on the tip of my nose...what's a nose....?)  Thank you for doing this AVN thing - you have no idea how much you've brought Assyrians from around the world together.  You helped me so much when I was with Society - not only by coming out and supporting, but by allowing me to use this site as a media tool. And your honesty is as beautiful as your efforts, bro.  Winged Bull

xzotic eyes - ASHOOR-- Thanks for all you've done with this site, it's great keeping in touch with many Assyrians around the world. I even came in contact with my cousins through this from Australia to Canada--Thank You!! And I will go back to when my husband used to cause trouble on the message board--lol it was quite entertaining. Thank you for letting us use ur site for clips in our wedding video wink God Bless You ---Edna "xzotic eyez"

Tashi -  ASHOOR: the most passionate person about his religious, education, and nation that i have meet. you may not have fought for your nation, but you most certainly have done so much in terms of bringing bnoneh o bnatha et omtan together. for most of us who where felling cut of from the rest of OUR People you made it possible to reconnect. you are one of the few people i am proud to call Tashishnaya  :yourock: khon.  Tashi

peaches - Ashoor you always manage to bring a smile to someone's face even when you are not trying. Wether its your funny and outthere posts or the way you look at the world there is no doubt that you are a generous and peacefull soul. Thank you so much for putting up with all of us and even if we dont show it at times we really appreciate you and this website.  :bigarmhug:

Serenity - I remember him since he was 19 I think? akhhh 'hear me' days he wasn?t nice then! he used to come and make fun of my Dutch accent. ill never forget it :( lol  He is now 25 something! yes he did change a lot. :mrgreen: .(qaleet you getting old nablakhlokh il alqosh magwerakhlokh  :wavetowel: )
but all in all I can say that he is sometimes too nice to keep up with everyone and everything around this website. and I know he is nice, because I?m the first to criticise his ways and shake up everything just for a small lost topic sometimes! yet he is still nice hehe. Very diplomatic over the internet and doesn?t take everything seriously, Though sometimes a little too Assyrian in the website!  It takes a lot to work on such a project (yes project not website) and you made it even though there is so many other alternative to assyrianvoice.net.  Congratulations.

Whatever - Ashoor You're my favourite Bush lover and that's saying something!!! Thanks for having me as the only person on your MSN list :blush2:

sargonthedon - I've never met you in person and don't even know what you look like but from the experiences I've had with you on the message board I've found you a very smart, hard working, helpful and kind individual and its a shame we don't have another 10 like you in our world wide community.  Keep up the good work.

Robert Khnanisho - Ashoor, keep up the great work brother. Next election for Assyrian President your number vun.

ramsiN - what can i say bout ashoor, i first have to thank him because he's the reason were all here, because of him i've met great ppl. Ashoor always entertains me with his wierd dreams and his wierd stories at work, definitly a great guy with a great heart, great pimp using "i seen you in my dreams" lines, great conversation opener cuz i gotta remember it lol, and you say im the flirt. but enough roasting him, ashoor is definitly a hard worker working 2 jobs maintaining the website and doing the yearbook albums and other things, kudos to you ashoor, dont think your not recognized for your hardwork...

Telkepnetha - Ashoor rocks! :wavetowel:

lightforce - Ashoor is a great guy for all the hard work he has done on AVN. He is always working hard to make the site better with the photo albums, and interviews, and news around the world to keep us all up to date with eachother. He loves to interact with all the avn'ers and is always asking us to interact more too which is great on his part. He puts alot of effort into the site and you can tell he does it because he truly enjoys doing so. I didn't get a chance to meet him at convention because he didn't come. But the next convention in Chicago he BETTER come :) . Thanks again Ashoor

AssyrianPrince21 - Ok?. So what can I say about Ashoor that hasn?t already been said a million times before??? Because of Ashoor and this site, I have found some of my closest friends. I mean, I try to sit and imagine what my life would be like if I had NEVER come across Ashoor?s Assyrianvoice.net website and Its impossible! All the great (and some not so great) people that Ive met would be nobody?s to me. All the awesome trips I took would have never happened. I wouldn?t be an Assyrian party junkie and Assyriaonline *****. LMAO. So yah, I know this sounds cheesy and everything ?but I seriously owe a lot of the past couple of years to Ashoor. So once again, Thanks a lot ashoor? and just because im not on as much as I was before, does not mean I don?t appreciate you as much?.. Ur still a G! ~ ASSYRIANPRINCE21

TINA - Anyway, Ashoor thanks for your commitment on the site.  Not much people would be able to handle such work that you have accomplished throughout the years AVN has been running.  You are definitely one nice guy with a very big heart.  Keep up the good work, and never let anybody take advantage of your kindness, because i've seen it many times but you're learning to put your foot down! LOL so proud of you! Anyway, thank you so much for your help and being so kind and welcoming to me and many other AVN'S. God bless you! Love, Tina

ACANA - I did not know Ashoor before having to attach a flyer in AVN. First time I called him, I was surprised he was: professional, courteous, helpful and open minded to any suggestion to help our people. It struck me that he is a genuine nice guy. From then on I feel that I am talking to a close friend when I chat with him on the phone or by email.  A great friend and a consummate professional. 
Thanks, ACANA

Phiruel - Ashoor has a pure heart, clean soul but a bad taste for supporting politcal leaders (G.Bush).  :giggle: You?re a great person ASHOOR  :yourock:

David - ASHOOR is probably one of the nicest guys I've met here on AVN. He is motivated to bringing Assyrians closer together and has done quite well with this website. He comes up with some wierd topics sometimes, but it's okay since he is just trying to keep his number one position as thread starter! Haha, just kidding ASHOOR. He has helped me through some pretty sticky times in the 'History, Politics & Religion' forum (remember that messy place?) and has proven to be one of the most understanding and genuine people on the boards. I just wish he'd give me more assyros... haha. Anyways, thanks for everything ASHOOR and keep up your hard work! It will pay off twofold in the end.

Nat927  - Ashoor- Kudos on such a wonderful site!!  I have meet so many greet people and I have made so many great friends!! Because of this website we have traveled all over the place and have made friends from all around the world. Your site has even taught me alot of things about my nationality. Thank you for keeping such a great website for all these years and more years to come!! we cant thank you enough for all the hard work and how much you  care!! Thanks a million you are great!!! God bless you !!!

assyrian_blondie - Well.. what can I say, I still havent met you yet bangin, Your an awesome guy Ashoor.  And your doing a great job with the website, its all because of you that so many assyrians have gotten together and have made so many friends from all over the world!!  I remember back in the day well I use to come on lol (misshottie 112), Ive always had fun on the site. Keep it up! and hopefully we can meet soon! .. ill try to make it with Anita and Atourina next time!!


Salem - ASHOOR: Still reeling after the Brazil loss in the WC, he needs to find another team!!! A die-hard Christian, in fact, he's extra passionate about all his beliefs, which unfortunately include support for the US administration and it's "legendary" leader. Extremely nice & diplomatic, and he must have some Jewish blood because he's a shrewd businessman who sees an opportunity in everything around him. He started banning offending members more frequently this year, I'm so proud of him!!! In fact, he is responsible for the last ban in the year!!! LOL. He is the No.1 poster of original & strange topics, topics which make us smile & think "how the hell did he think of that!!!". Our good cop-bad cop combination have lasted 3 years now, it's a pleasure to work with him, even when we disagree, so khayya ganokh Ashoor for your work on AVN and keep up the good work.

BraTeil - I know Ashoor for 6 years now as a very hard working and smart guy. I am so proud at him what he has achieved with avn. look all the friendships that arised just through avn. you changed people lives in good ways! thank you for that! and i want to say a lot more , but can find the right words in english  :blink:

Hauleen - Ashoor is the type of guy that just won't say no to you.  He has always been there for me when i went to him complaining and has always made me feel better. :lol:  There were times when i was very rude and inconsiderate towards him and he just dealed with me with respect and kindess.  He is the type of guy that will do anything he can to make all of us happy.  He is very proud of being Assyrian and takes his nation seriously :).  I wish u the best of the best in 2007 and the many years to come sweety.  :2hearts:

MAFIA187 - ASHOOR is one of these guys you always get along with in your life. He gets along with everyone even the ones with bad attitudes. He always has a goal in his life whether its school, marriage, or work. I?ve known ASHOOR now for couple of years since the site appeared. From his point of view, he is smart, hard-worker, initiative, patient, politeful, a great personality, and nice of course. He is always there to help you out with whatever you need. He never says ?no? to something he doesn?t like to do. I never have seen him getting mad or in a complaintment with someone. I always love to read his interesting posts. Overall, I give him a big 10 for his creative site, and himself. Yoooo daaaaa maannnn ASHOOR :yourock:

assyrian_dude - He the most patient man I've ever meet. Avn is like my third home away from home, I don't know if this year would've been as easy for me without this site. So I thank you Ashoor not only for creating such a great community, but also maintaining it like no one else. Keep up the great work dude  :thumbup:

Cookie - Ashoor, you've been a great inspiration and help to the Assyrian community.  Without AVN, I wouldn't have had the honour of meeting some of the most fabulous people around, as well as enriching myself with more knowledge of our culture.  You are a phenomenal individual and may the Lord bless you for having such a great heart.  You rock! :) :kiss:

L33tkevin - I'd like to thank you ashoor for giving me the opportunity to meet the most amazing people I know, and a place to kill many brain cells, cheers :)

Renee - What can one say about Ashoor?  They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so get ready:

Wow, what a fabulous yearbook for Ashoor! :jump:

Echoing Atourina's words, I'd like to thank you all again for participating!  :yourock:

Ashoor, love, I hope you enjoy it!  :bigarmhug:
Great job atou and shami  :yourock: I can't wait for Ashoor to see this -- some of those comments were hilarious!
wow guys, I am speechless (before I even read what is in these comments) as I just woke up :lol:

Thank you so much, and I will thank you even more after I read them.

Atourina and Shamirum: I kept thinking 'what is this suprise, and what could it possibly be..?' but apparently you two are pretty good at it. Hell you even beat my YearBook lol.

Thank you and will read it shortly :)

fixed  :mrgreen:

if the smilies arent showing up.. its cuz i had to put all the replies in wordperfect.. smilies dont show there.. i did my best to put all the smilies in  :blush2:

and ashoor.. ur welcome  :bigarmhug:  at least now u know how much we all appreciate everything
Where?s mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ranting:

Uffht shami again you forget me!!! You really hate me la :beee:
blame it on shamrium

anyone whos name starts with the letters P - Z... were shamirums people..

if u PM it to me.. ill stick it in there
atourina said:
blame it on shamrium

anyone whos name starts with the letters P - Z... were shamirums people..

if u PM it to me.. ill stick it in there

Well it?s not the first time she forgets me  :sadangel:

Thank you atou for fixing it ...

ASHOOR  :yourock:

Honestly Phiro, I thought I included it! You were one of the first ones...  :blush2:

I blame Atourina! She made me do it in WordPerfect and it messed things up...  :whistling:
Okay, I just checked my PMs, this is not a joke, Phiro was first to respond and TINA was last, and somehow when I made the list it cut them both off!  :imsorry:

But I went through all the names again and I haven't missed anyone else...  :blush2:

TINA said:
don't worry shami, it's not the end of the world.  :razz:


Tell that to Atourina who has already texted me twice about this thread, loool, she's not even home and she's still somehow checking!  :giggle:

i live and breathe AVN.. i always know whats going on  :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

im still expecting at least 1 more entry by someone which supposeably was sent to me.. but i checked my PMs and i never got it  :ranting:

shamirum said:
Okay, I just checked my PMs, this is not a joke, Phiro was first to respond and TINA was last, and somehow when I made the list it cut them both off!? :imsorry:

I was the first to respond and you forget me  :ranting:

It?s ok it?s not the first time you forget me so I?m used to it  :beee:

Why do you never accept my explanations?!?  :beee:

Phiro, the truth is, maybe I love you so much, and it hurts to love you and not be with you, so I try to forget you and not think of you often so my heart doesn't break any more than it already has... :sadangel:

LOL, I can come up with some great excuses, la? But I do love you!  :bigarmhug:

De yalla, forgive me already, lol.

Great idea Atou just like the Secret Santa was a great idea from Shamirum & Renee

I do hope this tribute will grow and grow and grow considering the time spent by Ashoor to mention just about every member in his 2006 yearbook!

By the way..........did my secret santa recipient receive his/her gift????? I haven't gotten an acknowledgement, not even a PM? :blink:

As for me, I just returned from 3 weeks in San Diego nursing my father in law......the priest was giving him his last rights and when hubby and I walked in ...............well, it was like medicine for him.........he checked out of the hospital........we stayed with him and hubby was up almost every night as was I caring for him.......then about the 18th day/night.......he transformed.........no more screaming out from pain in the night........actually bathing himself with the aid of a chair, new shower head with cord, and newly installed hand rails.......walking around the apt., without the walker or cane........so we were able to give him a merry christmas and happy new year........the whole family was together and our visit enabled the family to re arrange their work scheudules until the caregiver kicks in, in a couple of weeks........so all of your prayers and well wishes were answered. God Bless you all.? A Christmas Miracle.? Although most likely the last Christmas.......only God knows for sure.

When we got home there was a sticky from the post office on the door.......habibi is going to pick up my secret santa package today.......so I haven't officially received it yet but will soon and will acknowledge it when I open it.

Sorry, I couldn't spend more time on your tribute Ashoor.......you're a prince........with the patience of a saint.........I'm still working on that LOL!!!? But we are really fried or I would have written more so I apologize if my tribute sounded lame....but it was the best I could do on Zero sleep........didn't sleep in 3 weeks so i'm catching up on that now.......habibi has to wait for the weekend.? Hope all of your Christmasses were merry and bright and all he best in the new year for good health and happiness..........

To quote Tiny Tim, "God Bless YOU, Everyone!"

Also, Ashoor, is there any way of blocking PM's??? Thanks a million..........be well.

This is YOUR DAY!! ENJOY it!!!

much love,

i love how she puts her name in bold and also shamirums.. i said kiss ass before.. and that's an understatement.. im trying to find a word that best suits u two  :razz:

look how many ppl u got!! and ur all buggging me and posting a million times.. i thought u had like 5.. ufh talk about annoying  :bangin:

but yeah ashoor u have a huge fan base as uu can see.. plz dont cry when reading all of those  :razz:
Awesome job Atou and Shamirum. Great idea Atou... I bet it REALLY surprised Ashoor. He deserves every bit of it. Alah Nathiray :bigarmhug:
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