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A Demand for Action! The campaign, the result.


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Around 50 people from all over the world worked together. They did something in one week that would take 2 weeks for 100 people to do. They had two things in common, they were Assyrians and they had goal; To inform the world!

Two weeks have passed since we started this project. Before it started, some friends and I were discussing what we could do to prevent the brutal killing and cleansing of our people from our lands. We were discussing what the quickest and most effective way was to raise attention about the current situation. We were talking about how Internet could help us with our task.

We needed to take action and fast. We wanted to make sure that no one would miss the ongoing crime in Iraq and Syria, we wanted t make sure that not a single person, politician, would be able to say "we did not know about this".

Over 6000 politicians, government officials and workers from the media, from all over the world, have been contacted and given information about our situation. Already, just after a day we are starting to get media attention from everywhere.

However, for this campaign to reach its full potential, every single Assyrian must help out and stand up for their rights. This is something we can achieve together. You already know what our final goal is, you all know what must be done. One day we will reach that goal, but it is only possible if we all work together.

Nothing is impossible!

A Demand For Action!

For more information about the ongoing campaign join us on facebook and twitter. Also make sure to read the emails that were sent to all the officials and also the letter that was attached to the mail.

Sweden: http://eepurl.com/X_MuT
Belgium: http://eepurl.com/X_GSH
Denmark: http://eepurl.com/X_G01
USA: http://eepurl.com/X_FLD
Germany: http://eepurl.com/X_M_T
Canada: http://eepurl.com/X_PjD
United Kingdom: http://eepurl.com/X_MPD
Austria: http://eepurl.com/X_HQD
Netherlands: http://eepurl.com/X_ITH
Australia: http://eepurl.com/YcAtP



I will try to keep this post updated the following weeks.

Spread the word!

Thank you!



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God bless, Dave. Let us know if there's anyway we can help beyond raising awareness


Honestly, this is a good example of how we can use our diaspora at an advantage. With so many of us abroad, we are able to receive stable education and develop skills we may not necessarily have had the opportunity to learn if we lived in the homeland. I think the right attitude to have as a people is to continue leveraging our diaspora in ways that are advantageous to Assyrians back home


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Domanic, France is already on board. :)

Unfortunately no one from Brazil or Italy came in touch with us...  However if they do contact us and can help with the translations and gathering officials mails, that would be great...


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This awareness campaign, at least from a media and social media standpoint, has been a great success.

I estimate that the hashtag 'DemandForAction' has been mentioned no less than 1 million times in the last 30 days on Twitter and Facebook etc.

Let us keep it going. The world is noticing at least.