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    Toronto's "Nineveh Star Soccer Team" Wins TSA Premier Division"

    Toronto's Nineveh Star Soccer Team is 2010 Champion of Toronto Soccer Association's Premier Division. With winning the championship the team is promoted to Ontario Soccer League's Central Regional Division. The "Ontario Soccer League's Central Regional Division" is considered probably as high as...
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    Assyrian "Nahrin David" English Song played on Biggest Radio Station in Toronto

    A fantastic song by an Assyrin "Nahrin David" being plyed on Z103.5 and is included in DJ "Danny D" 2010 Summer Rush CD. The song is called Celebration. It is #12 in the CD. The song is part of the new CD by Danny D "Summer Rush 2010". Danny D is the main DJ on Z103.5. The song has been played...
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    Player Contract in Assyriska

    I found this, but I am not sure if this true. Do they pay their players this much? http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=sv&tl=en&u=http://www.fotbolltransfers.com/%3Fp%3DdisplayPlayers%26id%3D6&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.ca&usg=ALkJrhjCNFO0CINVxQKhHrFzD3tA24s2fA
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    Malawi hammers Algeria

    Who the hell is Malawi? 3-0 over Algeria. Great result. Another thing it looks like Malawi are Christians.
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    Assyrian Converts to Islam

    What a loser. Unbelivable. This really saddens me. Assyrian Converted to Islam
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    Best Theme Song Ever

    One of the best themes ever, ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amZaoONrDO8
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    If I had a travel company, I would organize a travel Assyria package. The pacakge would include destinations to see and feel the glory of what was the greatest empire ever. 1. Visit the City of Nineveh and see the Nineveh Wall 2. Ishtar Gate and Hanginig Gardens 3. Visit the Iraqi Museum (See...
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    What Should Assyriska Do

    Intresting Article about Assyriska It talks about the old men. So typical about our clubs that old men control it. Who should Assyriska take instead? Assyriska have not had it quite easy to train front in recent years.  Them we wanted to retain have tended to disappear, those who wanted to...
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    Nice Article about The attacks on Assyriska Players

    http://www.thelocal.se/23162/20091109/ Sweden Football Association is taking this very seriously. I hope they kick out DIF and allow Assyriska in to Allsvenskan.
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    Toronto's Nineveh Star SC Wins the First Ammo Baba Cup in Windsor Ontario

    The Assyrian Aid Society of Windsor Ontario orgainzed the first annual Ammo Bab Soccer Tournament in the City of Windsor. This was to coomerate the life of the great Assyrian soccer/football Legend Ammo Baba. Four teams participated in the tournament: Nineveh Star SC, Windsor AC Kings, Windsor...
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    Iraq at its Glory Days

    I found this site about Iraq at its glory days. It started out ok but as we know now that is not the case. Iraq would have been far more advanced than all Gulf Countries if it was able to stay the course of advancement. Watch The Following: 1 - Plashit Habbaniya - The Habbaniya War 1941  ...
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    A Changing World "Very Scary For Our Kids"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-3X5hIFXYU Immigration Sucks, specially from the muslim world. No matter what you will not change these people. The Christian World is in deep trouble. God knows what will happen if they take over. We see it in Canada when Tamils from Sri Lanka take over our...
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    Assyriska on Suroyo TV tonight

    Assyriska on Suroyo TV tonight Tonight, Mon April 6, starting at approximately 20.45 Assyriska FF will be on Suroyo TV and you as supporters also have the option to call in and ask your questions directly in LIVE broadcasting. Suroyo TV has for the premiere of the League made a number of...
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    Assyriska Sign Another Brazilian Player

    Assyriska's New Brazilian Player Just before the transfer window closed last night made clear Assyriska with Brazilian attacker Tiago Pereira, 28. - The contract is for one and a half years, confirming the club head Aydin Aho. The last days before the transfer ban lasted one FEBRILE...
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    Our Beloved Assyriska need OUR support

    Our Beloved Assyriska need OUR support Assyriska FF is back in the elite and with the clearance. The drive against the headline continues and in this ambition, the membership of the Club in 1974 has become an important element. Assyriska FF's most devoted supporters joining the Club in 1974...
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    Concacaf Champions League "Montreal Impact vs Santos Mexican Team"

    Did anyone watch this game. It was a heartbreaker for Impact for sure and pandamonium for the Mexican team. I could not believe it myself. In this two leg match (total aggregate scenario) Montreal had a 2-0 aggregate after the first game in Montreal (55,000 in the stands by the way). The...
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    Why "North America" Why

    I know the reason we came to Canada is because we had no choice, USA, Australia and even Europe was not accepting refugees. Looking at it in sports presepective Europe would have been a dream. If I was in Europe, I could have watched classic soccer games live. For sure I would have gone to...
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    Is Ramsin Khachi Assyrian

    This guy is very popular interior home designer. He can be seen regularly on City Line show on CityTv. You can visit cityline.ca for details. I wonder if someone knows if he is Assyrian. http://www.khachi.com/Media/index-1.aspx?reload
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    Chaldean Hockey League

    To my astonishment there is a league in Detroit called the "Chaldean Hockey League". It is got many teams and it seems very organized. Bravo guys. http://www.chaldeanhockey.com
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    Whatever Happened to the Assyrian Singers from Iran

        Not long ago Assyrian singers of Iranian origion dominated the music scene. In the 80's & 90's, four of our most famous singers where from Iran. The music scene was dominated by none other than Jermaine Temraz, George Charbakchi, Shamiran and offcourse Evin Aghassi. Since then no...